Monday, 9 December 2013

9 Crow Street

Boobs, whiskey and furs,  what more could you want from a photo, eh? I'm pictured above with the beautiful Doireann Coady from THEATREclub.

Last Friday evening Barry and I PLUS the kids went to the opening of a friend's shop in Dublin. 9 Crow Street ( is a vintage store run by Emma, Mel and Dean, selling great quality clothing, accessories and homewares. They began in Temple Bar (hence the name), moved online for a while and now have a huge premises in Ormond Quay as well as a kickass website. These hot 20-somethings are part of a creative movement who are making their mark on the Dublin arts scene. The stock is great quality and very reasonably priced. I'm dying to get in there again and have a proper root for gems, sans sucky baby in sling so I can try stuff on.

So Friday evening we grabbed a bus into town and mingled with the hipsters, had some great drinks, got my nails done (total kudos to Jenny from Tropical Popical who managed to file and paint my nails with my toddler squirming on my lap the whole time) and saw some lovely items that would be right at home in my home.

See? I want all this stuff. Quirky, fun. Actually scrap that, I want to have the whole shop. Emma Fraser is seriously living my dream alternate life. She's just fab, this is her below:

So our night began there, then there was a bit more partying parental stylee and then home on the bus, a total change from our usual sofa and popcorn Friday nights. Check out Emma's online shop or her Facebook for some great deals and last minute presents.

How's your Xmas shopping going?
Nee x

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