Tuesday, 17 December 2013


-No, anything else is ok
-No honey, do you even want Barney?

This has been happening all week. Barney's inherent evil now seems positively nonexistent since Netflix threw up this piece of vomit:

It's proper title is "Yo Gabba Gabba"
It is pure bullshit for the eyes and ears and I defy anyone to prove me wrong. This is no Sesame Street, no Button Moon even. I used to hate Mr Maker and Mr Tumble. I'd now consider a threesome with them if it meant I never had to be subjected to this utter tripe again.

I've watched it and felt panicky at the over stimulating visuals, I've listened to it from another room and wanted to poke my eyes out at the repetitive songs.  It is not educational, it is not entertaining,  it is evil.

I am convinced now that conspiracy theorists have a point. If you wanted to brainwash kids into a vegetative state and then bombard them with subliminal messages this would be your perfect vehicle. 

My 5 yo says its funny. My husband says its ironic.  My 2 yo calls it Gipper-Gipper.  Does anyone else out there agree with me that this isn't just puerile kiddy shite, but actually damaging for brains? 

And yes, yadda yadda we all know ALL tv is damaging etc etc but sometimes I need to load a dishwasher or think and the tv gets them off my back for a while. 

Anyone know it and care to defend it?

Nee x


  1. Haven't watched it but thanks for the heads up - will be sure to avoid it ;) With 2 babies 19mths apart I use telly to distract the older one while I attend to the smallie or do essential chores (not taking mopping floors out I mean food prep and basic hygiene ;)) I avoid anything but ceebeebies and some rte jr as the stuff on there isn't too bad - have you seen the one in Irish with the slightly demented girl presenting it and the crap animation of woodland creatures?! Anyway, we watch selectively and more DVDs than anything as they at least have narratives and can be screened beforehand. I do sympathise tho as during my eldest's Tweenie phase it was tough - they are like having 4 hyperactive kids in the living room!

  2. Also about Mr Tumlble, join the queue, I read this mumsnet thread once about how he has been bombarding with offers of marriage, no joke. The man is heroin for toddlers :)

  3. I've seen this before on telly with my daughter, early on a Saturday morning. I think we both went into a trance like state. It is the maddest tv I have ever seen, very trippy!

  4. My initial response to Yo Gabba Gabba was the same as yours. I couldn't believe my five year old liked it so much. It seems so babyish to me. My two year old loves it too. They wouldn't let me turn it off. It obviously appeals to them on a subliminal level. They do use a lot of repetition and rhythm. It is quite musical so I decided that maybe it is good afterall. Would be interested to hear what others thought.

  5. Oh I can't stand Yo Gabba Gabba, it's awful, so abrasive :/ Why would anyone make something like this?!


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