Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my readers and your families!
I'll be taking time to relax with my family and friends for the next while (and not blogging so much), and hope you will be relaxing too. For anyone who sent us a Christmas card, thank you. Yours are half written and residing in a box under my piano where they'll stay until next December. The intention was there though and I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas. 

Our house is a state, haven't cleaned the kitchen in about 6 days except to do the dishwasher. Laundry's piling up. Yesterday's lunch was Cheerios and dinner was popcorn. There was no Santa visit, all not bothered. Haven't bought any Christmas food yet and still have presents to buy tomorrow. The toddlers stinky Christmas jumper has been in and out of the washbasket without ever getting washed. My point is none of this matters,  it's all the icing on the cake. And my cake tastes great without. Who wants the extra calories anyway?!

We're all healthy and happy and enjoying days on the sofa watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons, playing cars and reading Charlie's new obsession, The Beano. We have a house with heating we can afford to run, a Christmas tree we could afford to buy and presents we can afford to give. Yesterday I had enough money to give a tenner to a homeless man, and today I donated three bags of new unneeded gifts, unused handbags and unwanted clothes to the women's shelter. I am counting my blessings and don't give a shite if I have couple more weeks of dressing like this:

I have though been enjoying getting dolled up and some lovely catchups with friends, some involving music and mulled wine (thanks Silver Kites, link), some involving cake and tea, all lovely and so needed.

Dada is finished work for Christmas so we have him home for fun and games, interminable gift wrapping at all hours, and movies galore. 

Whatever holiday you're celebrating this season may it be peaceful and love-filled.

Merry Christmas everyone, 

Nee x

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  1. Aw. A lovely post thanks Niamh, the spirit of Christmas alive and well :) Have a lovely break with your boys and come back to us in the New Year!


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