Monday, 16 December 2013

Plum pudding 2

I promised an update, so here we are!
The pudding in the bowl, which was cracked at the base but held up, turned out like this:

And when opened, the top looked like this:

It smells just like I'd hoped, fuggy and mincey and not overpoweringly of port. The spices are really coming through. I tasted a bit off the greaseproof paper and it's very coconutty in texture but not so much in taste. I'm happy with this one, and have covered it in new paper, and it's residing in the fridge until Christmas.

Now for the runt of the litter:

Yeah, that's what I thought too.
It's like a gangsters warning to an enemy, a head/balls in a sack being sent as a warning. There is no spherical shape neither guv, plus its arse looks like this:

Flat as a pancake. I've hung it under the stairs, sure where else. If the woodworm don't get it I'll probably squish it a bit better and retie it before steaming it again. This was meant to be my piece de resistance, the product of all my stay-at-home-mom-christmassy-endeavours, so I'm not giving up at the first hurdle.

In other news, this turned out perfect:

But then it would, because I actually followed the recipe perfectly for once. It's a chocolate cake from Nigella's Feast book.

Eating my third slice, drinking cold Lady Grey, listening to We Will Rock You on vinyl, ALONE in a room. Life is good!

Whatcha up to this evening?
Nee x

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