Saturday, 21 December 2013

Skank to Swank

I recently set myself a challenge,  to get ready for a night out in 15 minutes. 
Here are the before and after photos.

I'd spent the day playing,  cooking and cleaning, kinda like every other day.  It was great to get dolled up and Leave The House, which is a rare event as we're basically hibernating with a bug since the start of December.  

Anyway I sat the kids down with the tv so I'd be guaranteed uninterrupted primping time. It was 5.40pm. We were due in town at 7pm, aiming to leave the house at 6.30pm latest. (You more seasoned mothers are already sniggering at my naivety) I ran upstairs,  grabbing the baby wipes because a real shower has become a once-a-week luxury here. De-stinking complete I planned my outfit according to the fact that we were going to be walking in wind and rain, baby in sling too. Or I should say toddler. 

All the "nice" clothes shoved at the back of the wardrobe seemed to have hygiene issues of their own. Either downright encrusted with old food or washed but not ironed. Ironing happens here once a year (seriously) so I resorted to an old faithful black poloneck which saw me through most of both pregnancies. Teamed with a skirt I adore but never have occasion to wear I felt pretty smart. I layered a black vest under, plus black thermal tights and my trusty black biker boots. It was now 5.47pm. 

I had "prepped" (ie washed and moisturised) my face earlier in the day so I slapped on some bb cream, a little concealer on my dark circles, a brown cream eye colour, vivid salmon blush, a little contour and mascara. I matched my lipstick to my skirt just because. 

It was 5.55pm. I was so cocky at my successful primping I assumed we'd be leaving the house at 6.15pm and be WAY early, but no. At 6.40pm after tantrums and tears, some of which mine, we were all suitably attired for the weather. Literally 40 minutes getting shoes, hats and coats. The kids had already been dressed. But of course the toddler needed/wanted to strip naked. But you all know how this goes. 

Anyway my point is I got myself ready in a short time frame. Though me nerves were so shot that on arriving to the venue after more wind-ridden screaming from a toddler determined to catch pneumonia I asked the waitress for "alcohol, whatever you have". Need to start carrying a hip flask. Anyone interested in a range of The Mama's Hip Flasks?

Nee x

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  1. Swit swoo! Looking great! Love LOVE your hair!!!


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