Tuesday, 14 January 2014


My brain has been in dire need of stimulation of recent years, said the 24/7 home-educating attachment parenting mama.
So I have signed up for 2 online courses, one began yesterday, the other next week.
These are free, self-paced courses of 6-12 weeks duration.  I've picked two subjects that I'm interested in and want to know more about.  The kind of things I'd love to study properly at some stage, but time and money won't allow at the moment. This is a great way to dip my toe in the waters without major commitment. I'm interested to see:

1 Am I able to learn and retain knowledge after years of Facebooking and scanning rather than reading screens.
2 Do I actually need to follow a prescribed course or am I better off googling everything as I need to know it.
3 Will I get 5 hours a week to work on this stuff alone.
4 Am I actually interested in these subjects or do I just think I should be.
5 Will I then commit to a part time college course in a chosen field.

I'm thinking ahead to my 40s when my kids won't be sucking on my boobs every time my ass hits a chair. When I'll have a pretty home office and run a practise from it. When I'll shower every day and wear heels again. When I'll eat with a knife and fork and my sleeves will be clean of other peoples snot. When I'll just know that my jeans are clean, without having to look down and check. When I'll be able to make a plan and stick to it, or know where I'll be at 4pm next Tuesday.

I know I'll miss these mental days where getting everyone out the door can take an hour, and I'll need something to do with myself. So this will maybe be the start of a new branch in my tree of life. A branch just for me. I'm excited. And already wondering who are the cool kids on the course and how can I sit with them, metaphorically speaking.

My professor is a droll gentleman from Georgia in his 60s, whose face at the moment doesn't annoy me. I've watched all four videos for week 1, and will review my notes in the next couple of days before taking the quiz on Friday. I'm taking notes in a purple copybook with a pink pen that writes blue. I got interrupted yesterday evening by a naked toddler swinging on the swing in the office doorway. It was bedtime anyway. I'm going to try to give it an hour a day in the evenings and make a real go of it. I'll probably have the naked toddler on my lap half the time. But it'll be a start!

Have you done an online course? Any tips to share?
Nee x


  1. Congrats- but lordy its tough Have been doing one for the last 2 years and likely to finish in 2 more years- knackered.com most of the time!

  2. Oh how I recognise what you're saying! And in not even home-schooling.

    Never attempted an online course as I think I wouldn't stick to it. Am considering a photography course though. But it's in the evening, once a week and only 8 evenings. Think that'll work better for me.

    What course are you doing?

  3. Good for you. I like the balance of this message - now I'm good with giving myself to my babies, but I'm still here and I'm planning my - new, improved me, - return :-)

  4. I've just started getting into online courses! I did a 6 week one related to my degree (science stuff), and just signed up to another that's starting in a couple of weeks... midwifery!
    What courses did you do?
    I enjoyed the one I finished... even if I didn't complete all the assignments, it was nice to get my brain back to that kind of work for a few hours once or twice a week, and it meant I had an excuse to leave the toddler with his dad for a while and have a cuppa while listening to lectures :)


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