Friday, 17 January 2014

January, January.

I hate to say it but this month has been so predictable for me. Without even realising it I've fallen into the age - old stereotype of the cleansing detox after the excesses of the festive season.

I've swapped:
Mulled wine for smoothies
Prosecco for juices
Processed foods for whole foods
Slobbing on the sofa for walks in my new Fitflop boots
Endless hours of tv for reading
Late nights and lie-ins for earlier nights and 8am starts
Procrastinating for doing

It's not been a great month though. Despite some lovely times spent with family and friends, I've felt in a bit of a slump. I definitely felt a come-down after the excitement and build-up to Christmas. I've been introspective and soul-searching, forcing myself into new patterns which I know will do me good. I'm not feeling all the effects of them yet. But I know it takes time.

Can I just rave about my new boots for a second?

I got these in the January sales, after stalking them online for a couple of months. My friend has them and I'd always admired them. In summer I live in my Fitflops flipflops which must be 4 years old and still going strong. So when I heard about the boot version I knew I'd live in these in the colder months. I've worn them every day since I bought them, with dresses and tights, jeans, leggings.  I've walked miles in them, they are as good as trainers for comfort. And from being listed as 215 euros on the official website, I bought them in a department store for 95 euros. I think that was a bargain. They're sheepskin, like Uggs, though not under the foot. I didn't treat them with suede spray or whatever, but I don't really mind them getting messed up.
Thanks for sticking with me through this last paragraph, this is not a sponsored post promoting Fitflops, I just wanted to share my excitement with those of you who may be shoe fanatics like me. I look at all my heels in the cupboard and I think "someday..." but for now flats are where it's at.

I'm reading my way through a fiction series in the Kindle app on my tablet, it's a lovely way to relax at the end of the day. I'm pulling back from my Facebook addiction,  leaving groups I'm not interested in, and making more of an effort to meet people in real life. This really feels like a new start, new opportunities are coming our way and I want to be fearless about grasping them.
I'm turning 36 this year, and feeling the effects already, less energy, more physical aches and pains, and diet is definitely the key for me. I am feeling more responsible for my family's health, and learning everything I can to keep us in good health. You will still see me in McDonald's from time to time, I haven't totally vetoed processed foods, but they are a treat now, not a regular part of our diet.

This all sounds very grown up and boring. And it is. My toddler already asks about things being healthy, and my 5 year old understands the link between diet and health/illness, so I really want to model good habits for them. We're eating meals together at the table most nights, and it's really lovely to see this little family growing and developing.

I'm also becoming aware of my limitations and am not overstretching myself,  either in terms of activities or mentally. On the days I'm home alone with the kids we have certain periods of quiet time, where everyone does what they want (usually someones breastfeeding) but there is silence, I really need that and it helps me recharge. We also are singing and dancing, and exploring lots of different types of music together.
I only commit to two or three playdates/meetings/outings per week, and some of them happen here in our house. We're getting over a cold and I want to let little bodies rest while still meeting their needs for stimulation and friendship.

People keep asking me how's the homeschooling going. Life skills are where it's at when you're 5 I think. Personal hygiene, buying things in a shop, preparing food, climbing, handling emotions... That and lots of play and creative projects. We're all learning all the time, whether it's me working out a song on the piano, reading aloud and translating the above French comic book (Proust simplified) with Charlie, Barry practising a new hobby (lockpicking and woodturning for 2014) or Charlie making stop-motion animations, everything everyone does inspires the rest of us. We'll join in for a go, observe and discuss the processes involved. So the homeschooling, I mean life in general is going great thanks. At the moment theres not much distinction. I will take a second to boast that Charlie started a sentence with "I declare..." yesterday, and pointed out what two objects "represented" in a game, so his vocabulary is thriving.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up my January so far, how's yours going?
Nee x

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