Sunday, 19 January 2014

Slow cooking recipes

Here are some recipes I've tried and loved in the slow cooker.
Starting with the sweet ones obviously.

Cinnamon cream rolls here (great frugal living blog too)
Chocolate fudge here (dairy and sugar free)

Pasta bake here (like mac and cheese. I used cheddar and parmesan - not the cheeses she suggests, a carton of passata as the sauce and wholewheat spirals for the noodles and it was delish!)

Stewed pears in port, peel them and add honey and spices.

Roast vegetables here, I did carrots, peppers and squash. Pureed them into a soup but would have been lovely on couscous.

Potato casserole. Sliced potatoes, onions, herbs and passata. Olives and feta optional. Adored by kids. Just slice the potatoes thick so they don't crumble, as thick as your little fingertip.

Squash stew. Orange squash, carrots, onions, celery, red pepper, passata and coconut milk, cumin, cinnamon and turmeric. Great on rice or mashed potatoes.

Black bean chilli here, what's chipotle when it's at home? And of course you know you can buy a tin of black beans if you don't want to faff with dried.


Curries (as for the squash stew but add curry spices)

I haven't a clue about meat, as I don't cook it, but I've heard it gets really tender. I add a fried egg or dahl if my slow cooked meal is protein-less. For dahl I just throw red lentils into water with spices or curry powder, cook until they break up. Yum, and looks really impressive to have rice, a veg curry AND a dahl on offer. We had friends over for dinner over Christmas and they loved this. I also made caramelised onions to add on top. I love that the crock can go to the table and people help themselves out of it.

Slow cooked meals don't look as pretty but they taste great. So don't be put off if your stew ends up mushy, just take note of which ingredient overcooked and add it later in the cooking process or use something else next time.

At the moment I'm doing a butternut squash lasagne,made with fresh tomatoes, onions, carrots, cauliflower,cheddar, eggs, herbs and sandwiched with slices of butternut squash instead of pasta.
Update: The lasagne cooked lovely, but so much water came out of the vegetables that it was pretty wet looking, so I finished it in the oven (lid off) and it dried out and crisped up nicely. This was a great 1 pot dinner,  as the eggs gave us protein, so no need to cook anything on the side.

I'll link more recipes as I find them, but these are the ones I've enjoyed so far. The only frustrating thing about googling recipes is that loads of them use canned soups as the liquid or sauce, which doesn't appeal to me, so it seems to take twice as long to find a recipe from scratch. Still. They are free online so I shouldn't be complaining.

Please link any good sites or recipes here, or on my Facebook page.

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  1. Great to see all the veggies slow cooker options Niamh! Are you on Pinterest? I have a board with my SC recipes there! Lots of good ideas out there!


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