Sunday, 12 January 2014

When the telly's off...

Today we were awake at 8.15am, it was me on the early shift.
Over Christmas we watched an increasing amount of tv, so much that it was on more than off in the daytime. This week we've been cutting back, and today was a brilliant example of the kind of stuff that we can do when we let our imaginations roam.
Bear in mind my boys are 5.5 and 2.5.

While I made a breakfast of spelt-banana pancakes, the boys played in the sitting room with teddies and a life-size doll I made years ago called Ben. Ben lost a leg in about 2010, so hasn't been played with much since, just a big of swinging around the amputated limb like a club. I sewed it on yesterday and suddenly he's everyone's best friend again. A teddy hotel was set up, tickets were written and cut out, and everyone was assigned a number. For what? I still don't know, but there was counting and a calculator, and a biscuit jar collecting the tickets. Ben was dressed in the finest of threads, and given a 3rd birthday party, even though I think he's 4.

Check out his cloven hooves. There were balloons and real chocolate cake, and a birthday badge for Ben and a candle in the shape of a 3 which everyone got to blow out and wish on. Then we moved seamlessly on to code-breaking:

You see baddies had entered the hotel, and were running in and out of the kitchen with guns. I was preparing a meal for the slow cooker, and another one for the freezer, and I kept getting shot at and watching Ben get kidnapped and dragged around by his good leg. It was all very exciting. 

So then the baddies started leaving threatening letters in code "DED"and " UR TIMES UP" which apparently were too scary. The baddies then left a roll of caps (bomb) between two sofa cushions, and a note that said in code "BOMB IN SOFA". It was found and defused. 
Then we moved on to gun design. After replacing the ink cartridge in Dada's good silver Cross fountain pen, we got to work designing weapons that would stave off any attacks:

Some of our designs above: L-R: My design for a piranha gun, Charlie's improved piranha design, my bomb gun. The toddler asked for a soldiers gun, as he'd been playing with the toy soldiers, so I drew him a rifle which he carried around for a while.

Let me just state that we are a household of hippy pacifists here, we don't condone guns or war or any violence, except in play.  

We took a break to play the piano, all three of us bashing out Jingle Bell Rock, as it's our favourite song at the moment. We did a 10 minute rendition of it, and my eldest learned a bass line to play (his first ever interest in learning the piano). We also had The Doors on the record player, followed by the soundtrack to Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet. And Charlie asked how to write the music notation for the circus theme ("Mama, you know the one that goes 'hot dot diddle iddle at diddle eye-dil'", and followed my directions, getting quite a good approximation.

Lunch was tomato and cheese sandwiches. Then I caved and we put on the movie Hello Dolly. A friend called around and the contents of the inventing drawer were taken apart to make a bomb:

There was lots more cooking, and an attempt to light the fuse of the hand grenade (unsuccessful) and sweets and ghosts trapping my toddler upstairs repeatedly, and God knows what else,
All in all a good day!
How's yours?
Nee x

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  1. Fantastic. Well done nee and well done boys.


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