Saturday, 22 March 2014

Crochet snood and #nomakeupselfies

I've been trotting out the handcrafted items recently thanks to being stuck at home with the plague. Today I made this neck-warmer/snood for those with cold necks or who enjoy ET impressions.

It's 24 rows of triple stitch, wide enough to go comfortably around the neck, and slightly shaped to funnel at the top.

All made in one piece, you then join it inside out and wear it doubled. Does any of that make sense?

Here it is after joining, it's a tube open at both ends.

Here's the seam above.

And here it is doubled and ready to wear. You can wear it like a faceless balaclava if you want. Keep a thigh warm, whatever floats your boat, it's quite versatile.

I found an article here about the therapeutic benefits of knitting in case you need a push.  I presume crochet is included, it certainly keeps me off the streets.

I would love to chat more but I'm tired and the fun of guessing who's who with the #nomakeupselfies has me hooked on Facebook. I'm double and triple checking some of them. And not yet have I seen one woman who looks better WITH makeup. I hope this inspires more women to wear less (sez she who's whole blog last summer was make-up related, but who's turned a corner and now can't be arsed).

So get crocheting you hookers!
Nee x

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