Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Everyday wardrobe & skincare

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Last week I cleared out two black sacks full of clothes from my wardrobes. I had two double wardrobes, a single, four drawers and a space under the stairs packed full of clothes, shoes and accessories that I never wear. Some were corporate kind of clothes from my teaching days, dance gear from college, pre-kid going out clothes, non - breastfeeding friendly dresses... I did a big clearout before Christmas,  but there were still so many t-shirts and trousers and skirts and dresses that never saw the light of day because:

They never fit in the first place (dungarees...)
They need ironing, and have been waiting over a year (white blazer...)
They feel wrong (scratchy/polyester...)
They don't go with anything (leather waistcoat...)
They look dated (white jeans...)
They look tatty (thrifted cotton...)
They don't fit since I had kids (favourite black heels :( )

The 5 bikinis had to go. The last sun holiday we took was I think 2004, and I don't plan another one anytime soon.

I end up wearing the same outfit everyday mostly: jeggings, a t-shirt or blouse and cardigan, with boots.  It can be dressy or grungy, or rock chick or classic, depemding on my mood and the clothes I have to hand. But every morning getting dressed was a bewildering foray into two double wardrobes, piles of clothes falling out, being shoved back, odd shoes appearing, trying on things that were too small, and I was ending up wearing the same four outfits over and over.

So now I've got rid of That Which Won't Be Worn, I have put all my everyday clothes into one wardrobe, and all my novelty (ie. retro/vintage/occasion wear) into another,
I'm looking forward to opening the wardrobe in the mornings, knowing exactly what I'll find, and following a formula for getting dressed.

My formula is now:
Vest top
Jumper or cardigan

That's it. On warmer days or if I fancy looking a bit more girly I'll choose leggings and a mini instead of the jeggings, but they'll go with all my tops.

No pencil skirts, no blouses, no collared shirts for now, I'm sticking to washable basics that I can wear all day at home, and leave the house in looking presentable too. The below photo shows my everyday clothes. This is about 1/4 of what I originally had in the wardrobe. It's scarily empty compared to what I'm used to, but it works.

I have:
4 vest tops, 2 black, one pink, one white.
3 breastfeeding t-shirts by Boob Design, all long-sleeved
6 band t-shirts for rock chick days
2 navy wool jumpers, one round, one v neck
3 cardigans, black, red, beige
5 pairs of jeggings, black, indigo, wine, stone, pink
2 pairs of navy trousers
2 blazers, tan cord and tweed

My boot collection covers all bases: black and brown harness boots, black ankle cowboy, studded and buckled, Doc Martens, sheepskin, vintage knee-high heeled...
And I've 3 nice leather day bags I use interchangeably,  black, orange and brown.

Jacket-wise I was stuck this winter, I own a lovely black wool coat but hate wearing it near a toddler, so I lived in a large cardigan and borrowed my husband's army jacket. I also wore a vintage grey coat, but it's very bulky, so I was delighted to invest in a red jacket recently in M & S. I never usually shop there but I recently heard they have great quality clothes, and I noticed the two bags I cleared out were full of H&M and Primark clothes. I'm not interested in buying disposable fashion anymore, I want classics that will last,  so I guess this marks me as a grown up now, eh?

Also, regarding the clearing out, I went back over the remaining stuff twice and cleared out more each time. And I tried everything on just to be sure I still wanted and needed it. I unearthed some things I'd forgotten about.  It was a productive morning I tells ya. I have kept 4 or 5 items that I'll never wear again but have sentimental value, but they're stored apart from my other clothes, so not adding to the bulk.

My skincare routine these days is minimal too, I'm using some beautiful natural products I was sent by Vivienne at Empress Cosmetics to review, which are handmade in Co. Clare, Ireland. To be honest my skin is looking so good I don't feel like wearing so much makeup these days, probably thanks to these products. I was sent the Rose & Frankincense Face Cream (30e) packaged in a beautiful pink glass pot. It soaks into the skin and smells heavenly, leaving no greasy residue, just baby-soft skin. I also got a lovely eye cream, lip balm and Lavender cleanser, which smells good enough to use as a massage oil. Check out the range if you are looking for a unique gift or some gorgeous chemical-free products to treat yourself. Every ingredient is recognisable and you feel like you are really feeding your skin with goodness. I have sensitive skin yet the essential oils are well enough diluted not to irritate my skin. Their website is here, or phone Vivienne directly at +353 (0)86 889 9168

Anyone else out there spring cleaning / downsizing their clutter?

Nee x

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  1. Hi Niamh really enjoy reading your blog - can totally relate to de-cluttering your wardrobe. Last July decided not to buy clothes for a year and have been steadily donating bags of clothes every few months. Feels great to finally have a manageable wardrobe that I love and wear ( almost) everything in it. Have started the same approach to all the "stuff" in the rest of the house...feels great to let go of all the useless junk !


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