Friday, 7 March 2014

Gluten-free cakes

I bought some coconut flour the other day and have been trying it out in a few favourite recipes, with mixed results. I can't find almond flour anywhere plus I don't want to overdo it on the nuts for the kiddos as we're drinking almond milk now instead of dairy. (I've heard you can create a nut allergy by eating too much, so not gonna tempt fate). So coconut flour it is for now.

But my god, it is hard to use. My first "fail" (in the Youtube sense) was with pancakes for the dh on pancake Tuesday. I went ahead and made a pancake batter, using the same volume of coconut flour as I would have used wheat flour. Ha! It grew before my eyes into a mountain of mulch, absorbing all the liquid. So I kept aside a cup of it and froze the rest for I dunno what. The cup of wet flour then combined ok with an egg and a little water, but was nigh impossible to scrape off the pan, or to flip. Barry bore the pathetic offering with grace, that's why I married him.

Then today I had a boy asking for cake, and a bowlful of clementines untouched for days. Nigella's clementine cake was the obvious choice, but I googled for ages to get a version with honey rather than sugar and coconut flour rather than almond. This was the closest I could get. Instead of the almond flour I substituted about a mugful of polenta and about a cupful of coconut flour. And about a cupful of honey as the sweetener. And I added some ground cardamom.

Boiling clementines. Jesus, this is a boring post, sorry.

Weighing them after cooking, in the cleanest corner of the kitchen.

Cooling them on the windowsill. None rolled off. Score.

The rest of the ingredients.  Or so I thought until I photographed them, and realised I was forgetting the honey and baking powder. Plus the coconut oil was only for greasing the tin.

The wet ingredients blitzed, clementines,  eggs... eh... I hope nobody's actually looking for a recipe here!

When I added the polenta and coconut flour I got this. Are yiz still with me? Even I don't care anymore. But I've more photos, so I'll go on.

After 10 minutes at 180 C a skewer came out clean. Two boys had been promised cake.

But Sweet Mother o' Mary the inside was still raw. They got edge slices and were happy enough, back in the oven it went.

And a Good While later, it was done. I made a drizzle of lemon juice (ran outta clementines), honey and water. That helped the dryness, but what was even better was a bit of orange liqueur on my slice. Now wasn't that a grand recipe for ya?! 

These were meant to be paleo brownie bites, just eggs, coconut flour,  cocoa powder and honey, oh and I added walnuts and dried cranberries too. But they are dry and heavy and take ages to chew. No I did not follow a recipe, but I should have followed this maybe. 

So I had some gluten free adventures in the kitchen this evening, left the mess behind and collapsed on the sofa with a large packet of crisps. As you do. Well, as I do.

Any recipes/websites to recommend,  so I fare better next time?

Nee x

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  1. Hi Niamh
    I only recently bought coconut flour too and have been experimenting with it over the last few weeks. I am gluten intolerant so have been baking with almond meal for a while. Most coconut flour recipes call for lots of egg and/or another type of flour added. Last night I made these worked out well and my other half loves them! With a bit of cream ;-) My addiction has been a no bake almond and coconut bar though- YUM
    I love clementine and almond cake and have been thinking about doing a honey version as I (90%) quit sugar a few weeks ago. Think I'll stick to almond meal on that one though ha ha!


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