Thursday, 8 May 2014

Babywearing jacket review

I became aware of baby wearing jackets only this winter. Boy, I could have done with one the last 6 years! I actually gave up wearing my normal jackets the last few years, preferring an oversized cardigan and my husband's jackets instead, to fit around the sling. I found it preferable to dress the baby lightly and wear all the heavy layers myself, it just seemed more comfortable and helped access for breastfeeding too.
So a friend (the gorgeous Liz!) had her baba snuggled up in a chic black fleece jacket, with an opening for the baby's head to stick out. I never knew they existed, and they keep mum and baby warm, and are reversible so you can wear baby on your back too. Liz's jacket out of my price range, but I then did a bit of Ebay snooping and found this shop here called Mummy Hug Me selling the Pentelka fleece.

Pentelka is a small business set up by a midwife mum in Poland, who couldn't find any suitable baby wearing clothes/slings when she had her twins 6 years ago and decided to make the items herself. She still handmakes the items in Poland as the brand Pentelka, which are then resold via Natalia in Scotland, another attachment parenting mum of 2 and owner of the Ebay shop Mummy Hug Me, which sells slings and maternity and nursing wear too.

This fleece is not a baby wearing device in itself, which I've been asked many a time while wearing it. You put baby in your sling as usual, and the babywearing fleece provides your warm outer layer. In Ireland I think I'll be wearing this year-round, as even going for a summer walk can turn chilly. The style I have is similar to the one above (modelled by Natalia herself in the first photo) but my jacket has a detachable snood for me. I love the hood for baby, and my son loves snuggling into it, it keeps sun, wind and rain off his little head. The baby hood can be tucked away if you don't want it, and there is a cool extra neck warmer integrated for baby. The pockets are an added bonus, and the price is fab, about 40 euro delivered to Ireland. It comes in black, grey, navy, cornflower blue, brown, and this deep red. I get compliments whenever I'm out in it, literally strangers stopping me everywhere wanting to talk about it! There is a side zip fastening, and it's really well made. I took size Large as I'm 5'6" and a size 12, and I wanted it to fit my toddler.

Here's a link to the Ebay listing for the fleece itself.
Mummy Hug Me Facebook page here.

This is not a sponsored post, but I was sent one Pentelka baby wearing fleece to review for my blog.
I'm really excited to find clothes made in Europe, and to support other mothers in the process.
How do you keep your baba snug in the sling?

Nee x


  1. I often use Eva's fleece when we go for a walk in the park (even if it's a bit small for me)
    I find that Henry fits a lot better over a tshirt and under such a jacket rather than having the sling over a jumper.


  2. Thanks Niamh. Just read your post, its 4:30am and just purchased... thanks for telling us about this, like yourself the others were beyond my price range too. :) Deirdre

  3. Hi, how do you wear the jaket alone whit the baby on your back? I need help to do it... there is a video somwere?


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