Saturday, 3 May 2014

Chocolate chip banana bread

Right now I'm tucking into thick slices of this soft, delicious cake, toasted and slathered in real butter. Yuuum! My boys have just asked for seconds too, so that's a double seal of approval.

I made it last night,  knowing that this morning's breakfast couldn't include toast, eggs, cereal or porridge because we've run out / are sick of them. So I whipped this baby up and cooked it while putting the kids to bed and catching up with my dh.

Did I mention yet it's a slow cooker recipe?! You could just as easily make this in a loaf tin though.

So into a large mixing bowl went two bananas chopped into large chunks, maybe 500ml milk, some apple cider vinegar to sour the milk, 1 large egg, some chocolate chips, some coconut palm sugar, coconut flour, lots of oats, some plain flour with baking powder and bread soda for good luck, cinnamon. I think that's it. What I got was a sloppy, muffin-type batter.

I poured it into a buttered slowcooker and cooked on high for about 2-3 hours, checking the centre with a skewer a couple of times. I left it with the lid off overnight to dry a little. You could cook it on low overnight too.

After toasting.

To be honest I haven't had much luck baking cakes/scones in the slow cooker. They all turn out dense and way wetter than I'd imagine, and need slicing and toasting before I'm happy with them. This was no exception, but it sure is delicious.

You know yourself you could substitute the flours, use buttermilk, apples or any other fruit, raisins, nuts, seeds etc. I just used the ingredients I had to hand.

If this post has completely frustrated you because of my lack of quantities, I am sorry. Please feel free to use a cake or muffin recipe in your slow cooker and see how it turns out, most should work I think, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Oh and I forgot to line the base with greaseproof paper. Try to do that, otherwise you'll be levering out slice by slice and it's a little messier.

Sin e, a chairde (that's it, my friends)
Let me know if you give it a shot.
Nee x

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