Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dublin today: Theatre and soap

Today was one of those days which all goes to plan, and things run like clockwork. No toddler tantrums kept us in the house, nobody is sick, we were all happy enough to get done the things that needed doing. I'm appreciating these days even more since they've become a bit rarer in the last few months. 

Anyway, after a morning of family stuff, playing, some errands and a late lunch from the slow cooker (curry the boys made last night - yes, they "cook" now!) we set off into town to see an installation called Here and Now in the Project Theatre, Temple Bar. 

Veronica Dyas is the artist behind this emotive work. This is something you have to see and experience, and meet her to fully "get it". Picture Tracy Emin's genius in a petite Dublin woman, mixed with the Dalai Lama's messages of Love, and you are getting close. This is a woman who lives her art, she is truly bringing a message to all that possessions, money, all these social constructs that hold up our society, are NOT what matters. She is a guru who will gently guide you to appreciating people, not things; time, not money and Love is the driving force behind it all. 

In 2012 Veronica gave away all her possessions, sold her house, travelled, and is now a nomadic artist who creates wonderful written and performance pieces. Her story was covered in The Independent's article yesterday linked here. "Here and Now" is where she welcomes you to share in her life for a while, you are free to spend as long as you like here, bring your children, enjoy a cuppa and slice of gur cake, read Veronica's diaries - an amazing collection from 1990 to present which spans the width of the stage, twice! Watch and listen to her video presentations, meet her and she will take you by the hand and explain it all to you, or discover it at your own pace. Her written words grace the large screen, people are sitting in the auditorium reading them for hours, listening to chilled-out music, the space is calm and inspiring. For me it brought up some wonderful memories, and it was an oasis of calm in a busy city. I'd describe it as a real breath of fresh air. Like most of modern theatre, it is a return to grassroots, inspiring and unselfconscious. 

Here and Now is open daily until Saturday 17th May, 11am-6pm daily in the Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar. Free admission to the installation, and Veronica is performing a ticketed show at 8pm from 15-17 May.  Bring the kids (mine loved it, ran around like loons and were very welcome to interact with everything and everyone), bring whoever, go with an open mind and you will be touched. In a good way. Not the Las Vegas way.

After all that culture we took an ice-cream break with a good friend and then moved on to a blogger party in Lush, Grafton Street. My kids came with me, and I wasn't expecting to be able to stay long, but they were kept entertained by this:

Blogging can be a lonely job, but there are perks like this evening! We bloggers were treated to lovely drinks and snacks while hearing a presentation on Lush's summer 2014 collection. It was a fun interactive talk, lots of gorgeous smelling lotions and soaps were passed around to hold and smell, including a new bath bomb, and a citrus hair gelly. We got a box of the products to bring home to review. I haven't been buying any beauty products recently, and I'm in a total rut, just doing the bare minimum of skincare, so I'm looking forward to getting into some new habits and hopefully getting a youthful glow!!! 

My toddler was happy in a back carry in my Boba carrier, and I was happy to only have one free-running child to look after walking through town. Yes, the eldest needs to practise free-running/parkour on every step and slope he finds, which is great fun on Dame St. in rush hour. He obliged me by taking a photo of us waiting for the bus.

Back home, I was delighted to see the contents of my Lush box. 
Top row, l-r: Parsley Porridge soap for body and face (with oats, parsley, tea tree, aloe - antibacterial and cleansing)
Mangnificent soap (mango, neroli oil, lemon and mandarin oils - cleansing with antioxidants)
Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb (citrus, ginger and pepper, warming and circulation-boosting)
Middle Row, l-r: D-Fluff Strawberry Shaving cream (with fresh strawberries, fair-trade cocoa butter, coconut oil, for ladies or men)
Zest Hair Gelly (Orange juice and oils, medium to strong hold hair gel)
African Paradise body conditioner (in-shower moisturising lotion with Fair Trade shea butter and ylang ylang oils)
Front: Sample of a peppermint face mask, all fresh ingredients.

I'm having a hard time not tasting these, they smell so good, and will scent my bathroom up beautifully too. I'll keep you posted on which are my favourites, the boys have already claimed the bath bomb as their own. Here is the link to Lush's UK website, and they deliver to Ireland.

So that was my day, then home for sausages and noodles (boys) and sautéed mushrooms on toast (me) and Peppa Pig/Rugrats while mama blogs. What have you been up to?
Nee x

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