Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Summer Essentials: Fitflops

Welcome to a new series for 2014 on The Mama's Hip, it's called Summer Essentials!
Here I'll be collecting the things that I'm enjoying this summer, that make my life easier and more fun, and sharing them with you. It could be anything from a place to visit, a product I'm enjoying, or a summer-time treat. Each post will feature a company, and today's one is Cloggs.co.uk.

For the last 5 years my go-to summer shoes have been a pair of Fitflops Walkstar in silver. I used to live in normal flip-flops but found walking for any length of time gave me sore legs. Around the time I lived in MBTs for pregnancy and work (6-7 years ago) Fitflops seemed to hit Ireland and were The Shoe of choice for discerning ladies everywhere.

I held off a while, as the price was way more than a pair of my beloved Havaianas, but a friend swore by the life-changing effects of her Fitflops, so I was intrigued. And bought them. And I literally haven't stopped wearing these since. With jeans, with cutoffs, with skirts, summer dresses, walking around shops, walking all day, on hikes, on beaches, this pair have served me well. If it wasn't for the fraying threads that appeared last year I'd say they were perfect. I've literally worn these from April to September for the last 5 years! Especially in pregnancy, they are just the most comfortable footwear I've found!

Ok you get my point, they're good!

And you might remember I blogged here about my Fitflop sheepskin boots last winter, which were a daily essential until it became warm enough for the open-toed version. My Converse, Doc Martens and black ankle boots have all been getting dusty, as almost every outfit now revolves around my Fitflops. Especially with babywearing; you just can't be doing high fashion shoes walking with a few extra stones (weight!) strapped to you.  I suppose it's probably my age too (strike up the violins), I'm going for comfort first, and high heels are pretty much a thing of the past.

Fitflops Flare Slide in Pebble*, £74.99

Anyway, I was in a playground a few weeks ago and I spotted these beauties on the feet of a stylish mum at the swing set. Yes, this is now the place I get fashion inspiration. Forget Vogue, it's all about the playground these days! I fell in love with the way they sparkled in the sun, and the double straps are reminiscent of Birkenstocks which I love in theory but don't suit me at all. I went online in search for the shoes, and came across Cloggs.co.uk, who were delighted to be included in this series and sent me out a pair to feature on my blog. What impressed me about Cloggs.co.uk is their 365 day returns policy, that is really rare, and one that sets them apart from other online retailers. They also have a live online chat option which I used and loved. Cloggs carry great brands like Converse, Kickers, Vans, Doc Marten's and more for men, women and children. You can order the Flare Slide Pebble here, they also come in black, navy and a fab bright pink. Cloggs have the full range of Fitflops, with some styles that are seriously stunning, I also loved these:

Fitflops Skinny Leather Patent in Red £64.99, see them here

And these (on sale):
Fitflop Super T Sneaker in Flame £30.00, see them here

Yes, I have a thing for red shoes!
I'll be wearing my sparkly ones most days, you'll probably see me coming from afar. I think the Spice Girl's influence still runs through my veins!

What's your footwear of choice now the weather's warmer?
Nee x

*Cloggs.co.uk provided a pair of the Fitflops Flare Slide for the purposes of this post, there was no financial compensation and all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting The Mama's Hip's sponsors.

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