Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer makeup and hair

Anyone who knows me in real life will agree that I've bypassed the makeup bag in recent months. I went through a period of simply not giving a damn, the most I wore was a touch of foundation and mascara. I loved it. I wondered was this "the new me" and should I start emptying my makeup drawers of the accumulated products that were just gathering dust.

Turns out it was just a phase. Makeup mommy is back and she's loving it! I'm really enjoying looking after my skin; cleansing with beautifully scented oils, moisturising with more oils, nourishing my skin from the outside in. I'm loving using this makeup brush again, I use it for 3 purposes each day, not washing in between and it is just gorgeous to use. I'm also loving this cheap bronzing palette which is highlight, blush and bronzer in one. It's a novelty taking a few minutes every morning to get myself cleaned and pretty, do my hair sometimes, and face the day with more of a spring in my step.

So after cleansing and moisturising, waiting a couple of minutes for that to settle, I put a little foundation on my nose, cheeks and chin, and take it over my eyelids with my fingers. Then I grab the makeup brush and use the bronzing palette to highlight my cheekbones, pink blush high on the cheeks and blended downwards,  and bronzer under the cheekbones, under my jaw and to shorten and slim my nose. Yes, because from some angles I'm positively vulpine. Then I use my fingers and the same powder bronzer to improvise some eyeshadow, using the lighter brown and pink shades, as kind of seen below:

See the black mascara splodged on my eyelids? Well I don't give a damn. It stayed there all day . I'm past the point of fiddling around with cotton buds and then retouching the underneath layers. It looked like extra eyelashes when my eyes were open. Maybe I'll start a trend. A few coats of black mascara, concealer in the inner corners of my eyes, some eyebrow pencil and a slick of lipbalm with red lipstick on top and I was done. I have gotten it down to about a 10 minute routine with cleansing and moisturising included. Not ba', as my toddler says.

My hair hadn't been washed in a few days so I did the trusty dry shampoo and twisted and pinned it with bobby pins. Heres the back view:

What I did was:
  • Not brush it, only to distribute the dry shampoo and brush out the fringe and sides a little. 
  • Backcomb it slightly at the sides and crown
  • Split it in half front to back (with fingers, this is all meant to be messy)
  • Grab the section from ear to crown (1/4 of hair), twist away from face and pin up high with two bobby pins in a cross shape, leaving the hair ends loose.
  • Do the same on the other side. You have loosely made victory rolls. Stop here if you like, but it was a hot day and I wanted my hair up.
  • Grab the lower section on one side, twistaway from face and up, like a mini french roll, leaving the ends loose.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • Pin the ends wherever you like, roll some in on themselves, keep it loose and big, messy but well pinned. I probably used 12-14 pins in all. Here's the other side:

It's not as nice as the other side, I think I need more practice,  but for a first attempt it wasn't bad. It stayed up all day, even under a swim cap. I breaststroke like a granny, head out of the water, keeping hair and makeup intact!

My beautifully airbrushed look is courtesy of the Beauty Shot filter on my tablet. 

So that's my current go-to summer face, it looks fresh and clean and I don't reapply during the day. I haven't any plans to buy more makeup, I think I've about 10 years supply, but I'm enjoying "shopping my stash" and finding new uses for older products. And I'm loving this summer dress. It's not breastfeeding friendly, though I manage if stuck, with some hoisting and squishing. But the print makes me feel like a young'un, so it's getting lots of wear!

Hope you're enjoying the sun!
Nee x

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