Monday, 12 May 2014

Today we...

Today we...
Played with friends
Met new friends
Made necklaces and bracelets
Ate tomato soup
Made a fort
Walked to a castle
Argued over a scooter
Sang through the Frozen songbook on the piano
Saw ducklings
Helped a stranger
Went to the post office twice
Carried a toddler
Bounced in the rain
Ate crisps in bed
Felt happy, oh so happy
Enjoyed silence
Saw beautiful clouds and sunny mountains
Watched cartoons
Stuck carrots in our ears
Cried for a hat
Planned fun outings
Collected scrap metal
Ate cake
Cut a finger
Broke a picture frame
Pressed many buttons
Made crudités
Worked out of the freezer
Discussed soup
Waited patiently
Noticed large potato plants

Today was a great day
Nee x

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