Monday, 19 May 2014

You know you're home educating when... find 100 photos like this on your laptop

You know you're home educating (young kids)when...

  • Your draining board is full of chemistry set equipment
  • Art supplies are as essential as bread and milk when shopping
  • Books turn up in the laundry pile, on the stairs, in the car...
  • You bring a pen and paper everywhere in case they get the urge to draw/write
  • You overlook graffiti as it's literacy practice
  • Cooking dinner becomes a chemistry lesson
  • Baking cakes is Maths
  • Instead of birthday presents you ask people to chip in for an annual pass to a zoo/kids museum
  • You eavesdrop on passersby to point out different languages
  • Walking through town becomes a history lesson
  • Beside the kids artwork on the wall is a world map and botanical diagrams
  • You never have enough vinegar, baking soda or food colouring
  • Your 5 year old owns both kinds of compass and understands their application
  • Algebra is a fun quizzing game
  • So is Irish
  • Climbing in a playground is essential "work"
  • So is playing in a stream
  • A trip to the seaside turns into marine biology class
  • Snuggles can happen all day long
  • Sick days are kinda fun too
  • Hello Dolly, Mary Poppins and Bugsy Malone are musical education at its best
  • Dancing in the kitchen at 11am is normal
  • Making up rhymes and songs can while away a few hours
  • Nature is one of our favourite teachers.
  • Tools: screwdrivers, allen keys, pliers and spirit levels turn up everywhere too
  • The fridge letter magnets are not just decoration, they're a learning tool
  • Your 5 year old knows most of the rules of the road, and could probably take a driving test once his feet reach the pedals.
  • You never have to say goodbye, this part is my favourite.
Nee x

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