Monday, 9 June 2014

My Little Pony hair

Right now my hair is pink, like the photo above. It's a semi permanent so will fade out over the next few weeks. But darn it,  part of me wants it this colour forever.

Yesterday I wore my hair up, and took a few snaps to show the lightening we did last week...

It takes a LOT of peroxide to get the red out. The last few days I toyed with the idea of going platinum all over, and had the colour bought and waiting in the bathroom, cooing to me with its promise of movie star glamour. But today the pink was calling louder, so I flung a bottle of Crazy Colour Pinkissimo in, over my virgin hair and the bleached back and ends. 

No surprise it took really well at the back and the ombre'd ends, it's an intense fuschia, like a Halloween wig! 

I reckon it'll be gone from the rest of my hair in a few washes, and it should fade to a nice pastel on the bleached parts. But until then I'll be whacking on the bronzer and lipstick and avoiding all my red and orange tops! I fully intend to go platinum when the last of the pink has gone. I've just been itching for a new look and I think I've got it now!

This is definitely the biggest hair change I've ever done, I don't know why it's taken me so long! Are you shaking things up for yourself this summer?

Nee x

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