Friday, 13 June 2014

Raised bed

I made this! My first ever woodworking project. My all-girls convent school prepared me for a life in the arts, and woodwork, metalwork etc were not on the curriculum. So at age 36 I finally bit the bullet and made this raised bed to fit in an awkward space on our patio.

I used scrap wood, so it cost only the price of the nails, and took about an hour not including distractions. No wall has square angles in our house and this is no exception, so I did my best and made it pretty flush with the wall.

Yesterday, denying a hangover because I'm too savvy for them now, we went to a garden centre and picked out some new plants and herbs, two of which are here, lemonbalm and jasmine with the white flowers. I filled the bed with a mixture of compost, soil and organic matter which had been building up in the potato patch.

It's a shady spot, but they should be ok, and I'm promised that both will flourish and fill out in the coming months. The jasmine is almost sickly sweet, but gorgeous.  The lemon balm is gorgeous as a tea with honey,  or added to my elderflower syrup diluted over ice.

Just a quick post today, I'm working on lots for next week and I've a new obsession to share with you!
Have a lovely weekend,
Nee x

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