Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Summer Hair Part 1

I'm in the mood for a big hair change. The kind of dangerous mood which could very well see me chopping with the kitchen scissors at 2am and waking up with a pixie cut. It's been brewing since I saw this photo:

So this evening I broke out the old hair dye which I haven't touched in about 18 months . It's only a semi-permanent which doesn't make a huge impact on my hair without bleaching first, which I'm not sure about doing. Part of me thinks I'm too old to be at this messing, the other part says you only live once.

I was messing around with red food colouring too, ended up mixing them together. The whole endeavour was a bit menstrual/murderous. I started by pinning up the hair I didn't want to dye.

Sexy. Yes that's a pink ear. I applied the colour and twisted the hair up so it wouldn't drip.

An hour later I took Marty from Grease's advice and stuck my ear under the faucet, rinsed off the excess and blow dried my non-exciting hair.

Yes I applied makeup just for the photo. The red/pink washes me out a bit so it's high-maintenance in that I'll look like shite with a bare face or in a black top.

It looks nice in the direct sun though. 

I'm really tempted to do my whole head tomorrow, I think it'll take better on the upper layers which are a bit lighter and finer texture. Or I'm tempted to buy a permanent colour and just whack it on, its only hair after all. 

Update: This morning I bought a box of the strongest bleaching formula. I'm spending the afternoon tomorrow with my stylish cousin you might remember from last summer's hair videos (Link here) and she's going to give me an exciting new look! I can't wait!! Stay tuned for Part 2!

Nee x

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