Friday, 4 July 2014

5 minute Plum Pie

I literally threw this together tonight while our pizzas were in the oven. It took 5 minutes to prepare, about 15 minutes to cook, and we're eating it as I type.

Plums are on special in a supermarket near us, so I picked up a couple of punnets, leaving the empty punnets at the till as I am done with the amount of plastic on our produce. Iif everyone did this the shops might think twice about it.

I took a round cake sandwich tin, greased it with butter. I have no pie dish! Then in a bowl I put about a cup of butter and two cups of flour and mingled them to a breadcrumb consistency with my fingertips. It's always half fat to flour when making pastry. I could have added sugar but my kids had had their quota this afternoon. I used cold filtered water to bind it to a light dough and pressed it into the tin, making a small crust at the edges. I pricked the base with a skewer and put it into the oven to begin cooking while I halved the washed plums, removing the stones. The base took about 5 minutes to get a light golden colour. I removed it from the oven and spread a few tablespoons of raspberry jam on the base before putting the plum halves on it. I put it into the oven and left it about 10 minutes, until the fruit had started bubbling out juices.

This would have been infinitely better with cream/ice cream or custard, but we never have them in stock. I will get some whipping cream for the remainder tomorrow.

Sin é (that's it)! Simple and tasty. My boys loved it and though it may not be perfect-looking it tasted great.

Happy 4th July to all my US readers, hope you're all celebrating in style!
Nee x

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