Thursday, 21 August 2014

Attachment parenting: Burnout!

Hi everyone!
For the second in my AP video series I'm discussing burnout, that stressed, wornout feeling we all get from time to time.  I share my triggers, how I recognise it, how it manifests in me, how I deal with it,  and how I try to avoid it.

You don't have to be an Attachment Parent to feel like this, and as I discussed in my last video here there are infinite variations of an AP relationship,  so I hope this video will appeal to all parents who feel burnt out at times. If you search under "rants" on my blog's right hand sidebar you'll find lots of previous written posts from burnt out days.

I'd love some feedback if you feel I've hit the nail on the head,  or missed the point entirely, let me know!

Nee x

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  1. So true and I really am glad I watched your clip. Being feeling a Mom Fail recently and sooo guilty. I (like most mothers I am sure) don't tend to make space for myself at all. My husband might say "you need to go off by yourself" or whatever but he would rarely actually facilitate it and if he doesn't then I feel guilty if I push it and I get " long will you be?'s just that I want/must/need xXxX" (delete as appropriate!) So, I end up leaving it and feeling crap! We need to value ourselves and realise that looking after ourselves is essential for survival. Sorry! Rant over!


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