Monday, 4 August 2014

Cocoon me

Halfway to pink-pink (orange finally gone!) I wouldn't go out in public like this, so pretend you never saw it.
I'm home from an action packed weekend after a busy week, and just excited we have a whole day tomorrow (Bank holiday Monday) with no commitments. I'm planning a pyjama day, where I will rest and recharge, ready for fun and games on Tuesday.

I'm going to:
Bring the big duvet downstairs to the sofa
Cuddle up with my boys and watch cartoons or movies
Do a manicure/pedicure
Finish my hair dye job
Eat fruit and drink lots of water
Take my vitamins
Check the lettuce, spinach and peas for harvesting
Read my Vogue magazine
Drink herbal teas
Moisturise my face well
Find a new book to get lost in

A cocoon, at home, with my favourite people, bliss!

What are you planning?

Nee x

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  1. I like the sound of that! I took Monday easy too! The kids were fine just vegging, watching TV, wandering, doing as they please. And I'm glad because today was frantic. It is after 4pm and I am only just sitting down now. I kinda planned it wrong. Should have left some stuff till tomorrow but the upside of the chaos is, all the jobs are done now, so I can take tomorrow easy.


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