Monday, 11 August 2014


Though I love fashion and clothes, it's been pretty long since I actually bought any. I don't have the disposable income of my pre-baby days, so shopping trips are more of a bi-annual event, rather than a weekly one. I'm also going through my wardrobe, and donating or selling some items I no longer want. I have a good enough working wardrobe for everyday, and way too many fancier outfits. I also have a lifetimes supply of shoes and boots, and bags, and jackets and coats... but sometimes a girl wants to mix things up a little. And the recent good weather had me dreaming of floaty short dresses, something I actually DIDN'T have in my wardrobe! So I hit the sales in the last week, and picked up a few new items which I will wear for the rest of summer,  and add tights and boots for autumn.

This dress was on the reduced rail in Penney's,  happened to fit like a glove, and only cost 7e! Granted the seams are a bit wonkily sewn, but it's a cute style and I feel 16 again when wearing it.  The pattern makes me laugh a bit, they were obviously trying to cover the polka dot, floral and stripe trends all at once! Still, it got the thumbs up from my fanclub (boys and dh) and is fun to twirl in. I did take the precaution of wearing a mini tube skirt underneath when it was windy out! Accidentally flashing at 16 is forgivable,  at 36 punishable by law, or monetisable.

The next is not something I'd normally go for, dare I say it flashes a bit too much skin, but for a very sunny day or an evening event I'd wear it with boots and/or black tights to tone down the skimpiness. Just not as into exhibitionism as I was a decade ago.

It's a playsuit (ie shorts, not skirt) and was 12e in Penney's.  I love the print, though the fabric has that coarse sweaty feel to it . It's not very bra-friendly, so I'm glad there's the extra flappy bit on top to disguise the descending mammaries. I'll probably wear my long red cardigan over it, or a black jacket. 

Sticking with Penney's,  I actually bought two of the following tshirts.  100% cotton, soft and comfy, and this is a size 10 on me?!

I just know I'll be living in these, and the baggy factor makes me love it even more. And 6 euros is a fab price for pure cotton. It even dresses up my grey fat-man-pants for around the house, and could be teamed with a pencil skirt and heels for a relaxed retro look. There was a white with grey stripe but it looked a bit see-through, plus I can't wear white around my kids at the moment!

This was the only item out of 9 that I liked in Dunnes sale. They seemed to have clothes dragged out from the 90s (and not in the good revival way) on the racks, but this looked current. I surprised myself buying it as a) it's royal blue like my detested school uniform, a colour I haven't worn in nearly 20 years, and b) it's shapeless until you pull the c) drawstring d) belt. All these factors should have had me running a mile, but I actually like it because a) I can breastfeed in it b) it doesn't clash with my hair c) the cut is comfortable d) it has pockets for Christ's sake e) it has lovely embroidery detailing at the top f) no, I'll stop there. I think it was 12e. In the sale, down from 25e. I think. About that. Yeah.

That shopping day I did my hair like this:

And keen-eyed readers will spot my blue eyeliner, an impulse purchase for a fiver, to match the new dress. Keep me AWAY from the makeup stands. Am I going mad or did I post this photo before? I like it because I fool myself that my hair's like Ariels, but of course it's not. She had the sense to flip her fringe down over her landing-pad forehead. But that will be my next colour, heading into winter I've decided. Scarlet. Scarlet O'Hara. Scarleh for ye'. It's late and I'm tired.

Anyway I had to shop again today. Had to. No seriously, when I saw the next item I had to have it, sell the car for the extra dough, mama will happily walk home from Liffey Valley in this new jacket:

It's faux leather/plastic/some shit, but I just love the style, I've wanted one for years, and my current pleather Topshop bomber has been going 6 years now, and is a poor substitute for this baby. 40e in H&M, can't go wrong. That's silver hardwear, the photo looks like gold. It's thin and not at all warm, and a teensy bit tight across the shoulders, but if I don't wave, or drive, or hail a taxi in it we'll get along grand. It was the last of a few older stock items, so I had to get the size 10 when I could have done with a 12, but hey, we'll overlook all that and revel in it's punkness. I'm fooling myself that I'm as shit-hot as Claire Marshall in it.

Which of course I'm not cuz I'm a nerd but hey. She's my favourite vlogger on youtube, and does fashion and beauty like a boss. Anyway I'll be living in this jacket until the armpits spontaneously combust.

So that finishes my haul. I haven't bought anything since the jeggings and jacket M&S drive last spring, of which the jacket is unwearable against my current hair colour, so its timely I got a new one.

Are you picking up any bargains in the sales?
Nee x

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  1. Royal blue was my school uniform too! Still can't wear it rock it anyway! So jealous you got to go shopping I haven't been in so long..wearing leggings with holes in eeek badly need to get to a h&m for new ones x


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