Monday, 25 August 2014

Ice bucket challenge

I was so nervous about this, watching it get closer and closer to me on Facebook,  and finally got nominated last night by a fellow La Leche League mom, thanks, I think!

No seriously,  it's a really good cause and my kids got a real kick out of it. We had to do it twice, as you'll see, the first video cut out right before the water hit me! Aargh!

One shower later and a drowned-rat mama took the challenge a second time. I nominated my sister, sister in law and a friend, but I also nominate YOU reading this now, ha ha!

So do it, and donate 2e by texting MND to 50300, and nominate 3 friends in turn to do it. Or you can just donate of course. Motor Neuron Disease is one I've thankfully no personal experience of, but anything which raises awareness and gets people to donate to charity and give solidarity gets my support.

Get wet!
Nee x

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