Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Outfit of the week

To distract myself from the bad news online I'm putting up a quick outfit post, was pretty happy with this today. I never thought I could wear yellow with pink hair but it kinda works.
I've been wearing tshirts and jeggings all summer, but today I added a jacket that hasn't seen the light of day in a year for want of ironing. I still haven't ironed it, as the wonky lapel will attest, but I think my neon pink hair distracts from such mundanities.

My Converse really need a wash or a day off, but they go with everything and I can't spare them. Coming soon, a photographic haul (seeing as none of yiz are interested in watching my video hauls! ;)) and some videos anyway, cuz I was in the mood for filming yesterday. I did upload a "what's in my travel bag" video to my Youtube channel a week or so ago, will link it below. I love watching these, so just wanted to add my own. You can tell a lot about a lady by what's in her bag.

So the outfit:
Mustard jacket: Marks and Spencer (but bought in a charity shop), 8e
Biker t-shirt: Dunnes stores, about 8e
Black nursing vest: H&M, about 7e
Jeggings: Marks and Spencer, about 30e and worth every penny
Converse: Office, about 50e

Took this on arriving home after a park, playground, afternoon shopping and trying on clothes, so the hair is a bit ruffled. I was pleased to see the makeup stayed put, I just added some pink lipstick. And I'm in a new dress which will feature in the haul post later in the week. Two young boys, one mama and multiple changing rooms is not an ideal scenario but needs must. I did a pointless winged eyeliner which was totally lost in my saggy eyelids, blue eyeliner, some contouring and highlighting and mixed red and pink lipsticks to add volume (not my trick,  Marilyn Monroe's!) My fringe/bangs got teased and hairsprayed and hidden in a roll, thanks to some wonderful online inspiration, namely diablo rose and a wonderful pin-up mom Youtuber called Vintageous, check them out.

And my latest "what's in my bag" video (sorry about the weird thumbnail :/)

Hope you are all enjoying the start of autumn! We picked blackberries today!!

Nee x

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