Friday, 22 August 2014

System down

After a week or two of sporadic alcohol drinking, lots of sugar and processed grains, and a camping trip which was windy and cold for 3 days straight, it's no wonder I've come down with a head cold. I had a few days of sneezing, sweating and snorting, a mildly sore throat, fatigue and lost my appetite. I've also got some small patches of psoriasis which show me that my immune system is pretty crap at the moment, plus the wart on my finger grew bigger and started sprouting legs (almost!) These physical markers all let me know that I'm to rest, eat better and take a lot of vitamins in the coming days to build myself up again.

I started by cutting out coffee. I was back up to 2 cups a day, and I always get sick at that stage of my caffeine cycle. I've replaced it with one cup of black tea in the morning. I made a slow cooker soup full of onions and garlic (plus carrots, yellow pepper and chickpeas) which was today and tomorrow's lunch sorted.

Then I went out foraging to a local elder tree, collected a big bowlful of berries which I sorted, washed and cooked with honey and spices (ginger, cloves, mixed spice and cinnamon) to make a syrup. Yum! My 3 year old helped with it all, and loved standing stirring it on the hob.

We got a jarful, and I froze half for a future need. Been eating it neat, on yoghurt and added to hot teas.

Even though it's sunny today and I feel I "should" be making the most of it, I'm taking it easy, a little yoga in the sun, some cooking and laundry and that's it. I'm keeping my body warm, with knitted layers and slipper boots, so that my system doesn't have to work harder than it is.

Then to the vitamins. I'm taking 1000mg vitamin C, my usual B complex and flaxseed oil capsules to help with the psoriasis.
I have no root ginger or chillies to make my favourite cold remedy (which I blogged about before here) but the elderberry syrup has ground ginger and cinnamon in it which do a similar job. I'm also staying really well hydrated as this cuts down the mucus production, as I found out last time I was sick and googling "natural decongestants", water, eh? Who'd'a thunk?! Nobody tells you because nobody can make money out of it. Right now I'm sitting down with a hot cup of redbush tea in my sunny garden. This is the life!

My kids are eating homemade yoghurt, and they've had their sugar/crap intake cut back to zero in case this bug hits them too.
But I feel it's not a virus, just my body giving out for the "four packets of crisps" supper, the beer instead of water and the 3 processed pizzas in a week.

But I'm also premenstrual and dying for a big bag of tortilla chips laden with msg and cheese flavouring,  and a bar of chocolate. It's a toss-up, dunno which way I'll go!

How do you look after yourself when you are run down?
Nee x

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