Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wonderfest final preparations

A far cry from the tents of old, this feels palatial.

The countdown is on! Only two more sleeps until Wonderfest, our first camping trip and festival with the kids. We are so excited! This week I've been doing loads of laundry, just trying to get the stuff we need washed and dried. We did a test run of the tent the other evening, had it up in about 40 minutes, and we were so impressed with the size and the little details, like the interior pockets for shoes/clothes, the ventilation and access points. There is an awning which we will hopefully get to open up if the weather is fine enough. Today we returned the (crappy) sleeping bags we bought from a camping store in town, I'll be fair and not name names, but we were misled by the seller. So, refund in hand, we went to another store and picked up two fantastic double sleeping bags, which have zips all around, so you have the option of using them as 4 separate sleeping bags, 2 doubles, or just having them open all around for kicky legs and toilet trips. The days of being mummified in a single sleeping bag are over, peeps! We also bought a wind-up lamp for the tent, with (dreaded) LED lights, but the frugal mama in me wanted to not be concerned about running down expensive batteries, so we will take turns to wind the lamp every 20 minutes! I'm hoping time in the tent will be minimal, I want to be sitting around a campfire under the stars chatting and enjoying a glass of wine.
A friend loaned us a cooler box, and another friend loaned us a rain jacket for our toddler, so we have 1/4 of the family sorted for wet weather! Thanks ladies!

Tomorrow I'll be organising clothes into piles for packing, and cleaning the house so we come home to a restful abode. On Friday I'm hoping to cook up a big pizza to share with our family and friends who are all camping with us. We aim to be driving through the gates at 6pm, want to pitch up and sort ourselves out before the sun starts setting and kids start getting cranky. Then it'll be go, go, go for Saturday and Sunday, and we will pack up and leave on Monday morning.

We will be bringing minimal food for cooking, maybe instant noodles, frozen peas and soy sauce for our dinners, loads of fruit, and sandwich-making stuff should do us.
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There are still tickets available, so come along and join us for fun and frolics!
All we need now is the weather!

Nee x

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