Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mama style: Hip brunette

Apologies for the radio silence, I've been immersed in a world of earth and paper books, rather than blogs and Facebook for the last while. I'm gardening like a woman possessed, and learning all I can about growing your own vegetables. I'm taking some amazing yoga classes which are opening my mind to new and exciting concepts. I'm also simplifying things to the point of stagnation, as I found I was getting caught up in online dramas and stressed out. So...
Here's a post I promised a LONG time ago, and I'm only publishing now. Apologies to the friend who was waiting for it, Amy I think we call her, a good friend who asked me to style her in the summer, see part one of this series here.

So I went through my magazines and pulled out ideas for items to jazz up her wardrobe. We all know the spring in our step from having a new thing to wear, and I think Amy is looking for that at the moment. I'm not advocating her to go out and source any of these items per se,  but they might spark her imagination in ways that she mightn't have imagined. Anything that brings a smile to your face in the shop, will bring a smile to you every time you wear it, hopefully! That's a good way to approach shopping.

These items above scream summer days, walks in hazy sunshine and cool glasses of wine. Click on the image to see a close-up. There's a gorgeous breastfeeding friendly dress, some great flat shoes, and classic colours she can wear year after year.

Here I've collected some simple make-up looks for Amy, to suit her colouring and lifestyle. As she is in the throes of child-rearing, I think a natural lip colour (if any) is important, so you are free to kiss your children without worrying about wrecking your lipstick. So I'd go heavier on the eyes, define the eyebrows, and pull the hair off the face. I love these rucksacks too, in leather or canvas, perfect when baby is in a sling on your front. 

I think Amy suits this gorgeous burgundy colour, it's the perfect Autumn/Winter colour for brunettes, and brings a bit of colour without being in your face. She could also get a pair of chinos for everyday wear, great with a jumper or sweatshirt, and can be dressed up with a blouse or low-cut t-shirt for fancier occasions. 

More lovely autumnal colours here plus some nice sparkly accessories. If you're wearing a fairly masculine outfit it might be nice to throw in a bit of sparkle in the shoes / jewellery / hair clip department. I LOVE this skirt, can imagine it with heels, boots or trainers equally.

I think in the crazy mothering years it is best to keep makeup simple, and Amy could invest in a multipurpose product, a thick pencil that does lips, eyes and cheeks equally. The colour is up to you, you could go for bronze, mauve, coral, orange, pink, brown. The amount you apply and how you blend it is key. Check out Drew Barrymore doing hers on the subway. I love her hat too.

Whether you have 200 euro or 20 euro to spend on updating your look doesn't matter. It could be as easy as going through your wardrobe and removing that which doesn't fit anymore. You might buy an eyeshadow palette for 6e, you might spend 50e on a bag, whatever you do make sure you love it and you will use it daily. 

My new thing is taking care of my nails. With all the gardening I've been doing my hands have been looking like a Hobbit's, so I've made a conscious effort to decide that weekends are manicure time, and I don't do heavy gardening. After a week of soil-y, ragged, uneven nails with chipped nail varnish, today I gave them a long soak and scrub, removed the old polish, filed them and painted them and I feel like a new woman. Still working on the showering thing, but, baby steps people.

So Amy, gimme a shout if you want me to come over and go through your wardrobe with you, try out make-up looks or mess with your lovely hair. And if anyone else has a style dilemma you can email me at niamh (at) the mama's hip blog (dot ) com marking the subject "mama style" and I will get around to your query as soon as I can.

Peace, mamas! 
Nee x

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