Thursday, 23 October 2014

Chocolate Pumpkin cake

The random stripes of icing were to stop the original icing sliding off. Not pretty, but yum.
I'm getting better at making grain-free cakes, and todays one turned out to have a lovely moist sponge. I used the innards of a pumpkin we carved plus a small one we grew, cooked the pumpkin until soft in a little water, letting the water evaporate off at the end.
I added this once cooled to a handful of soaked dates, 3 eggs, a bag or so of ground almonds, butter, a little coconut flour and coconut sugar, raw cacao powder, a little baking powder, cinnamon and vanilla essence. Cooked at a low heat to dry it out as much as possible. I probably could have added some more coconut flour but I was afraid of making it too dense. This is slightly wet inside.

The icing I made by melting coconut oil and creamed coconut with lots of honey, then cooled in freezer and whisked as it returned to its solid state. I even piped this on top, but unfortunately the cake was still a little warm so the icing made it's way down the sides. Ah well, I'll know for next time. I decorated it with star anise in the absence of sugar-free sprinkles (toasted nuts/seeds/coconut?) If I'd had more cacao I could have made a chocolate icing which would be gorgeous.
The taste test: yum. Kids hated it though.

5 minutes later...
My method for any fruit/vegetable based cake is:
Start with the fruit/vegetable, add eggs, butter, flavourings and lastly enough flour to make it a recognisable batter. I bought a huge bag of broken cashews which I milled to a flour, perfect for paleo brownies. I buy ground almonds and use them just as they are, and I would grind oats to a flour, or use rice/gram flour either. A combination of flours works best, and you don't get an overriding taste. I made the mistake before of using just gram flour in a cake and it was awful. The eggs do a lot of the rising work here, plus the baking powder, so trust that!

Have you any interesting combinations to share? Please let us know!
Nee x

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