Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cycling in Dublin

Considering I nearly turned back at Sutton, forgive the corny pose.

Today I cycled farther than I ever have before: from my home in Dublin 12 to Howth in North Co. Dublin, a distance of maybe 46km in total. I followed cycle paths almost all of the way, and took in the beautiful canal, Liffey river and sea on my journey. Here are a few photos of my return journey:

Photo bombed by a mutt.

A few things I've learned since taking up cycling again this year:

Wear sunglasses or you'll get flies in your eyes
Don't sing or you'll get flies in your mouth
Follow the cyclist ahead for info on changing lanes/finding cycle paths and indicating your turns
The reason cyclists wear tight clothing is less resistance. (This would have been handy to know prior to setting out today. 20+km uphill into the wind I was regretting my baggy rainjacket.)
Arnica is great.

My basket held my keys, phone-wallet (best invention ever), some leftover french toast from breakfast, rainjacket and water bottle. Not very aerodynamic but cute. I got a great caprese sandwich and an awful latte in the Howth Market and lunched on a bench in the sun. After yesterday's incessant rain it was amazing to be out under clear blue skies. My hands were toasty in my new handwarmers, knitted by a fellow homeschooling mom and bought at our last meet-up.

Then it was home for cuddles on the sofa and Aladdin on DVD, I re-pinked my hair and love my new two-tone effect (lighter on top, darker on the ends).

Hope you're enjoying the autumn, please leave any cycling tips below for my future jaunts!

Nee x


  1. Lovley post Niamh.. your photos are fab! Jealous of the sunshine.. grey here all day. Looking forward to seeing the new hair look! x

  2. Thanks Monica! I'd photograph the hair only I don't feel like taking a bare-faced photo today! Maybe see you in the flesh on Wed and you can admire the My Little Pony style then?!


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