Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mama Style Icon: Drew Barrymore

All you readers who rolled your eyes at my previous post featuring Gwen Stefani in sky-high heels (see here), this one's for you!
This lady is the jeans and t-shirt queen, she has a formula and she sticks to it, sometimes adding a structured jacket. You'll rarely see her in heels unless it's a special occasion, that's why I'm crowning her the imaginary Queen of Casual.

She's a real woman with a real body, sometimes fluctuating in size, always curvy, with boobs and thighs and hips. What a relief to see a celeb who isn't stick-thin or image obsessed,  and confident to go to the shops a) herself and b) in her "lounge around the house" clothes.

First off, her ripped jeans which seem to be a wardrobe staple:

She knows the power of a simple striped t-shirt, which don't add bulk if they are slightly fitted:

I love her rock chick looks, not overly polished or groomed, just like she's on her way to or from a great night out.

She rocks a fedora...

 A classic shirt...

 And her boyfriend's camo jacket...

 Feck it, she even makes Birkenstocks look good...

No wonder she can afford to swagger!

Personally I feel huge in baggy trousers, so I've never worn a boyfriend style before. Maybe I haven't shopped hard enough or maybe my body shape isn't right for them. But when it comes to a simple outfit for everyday wear I think Drew has the magic formula and I love her for keeping it real.

Who inspires you?
Nee x


  1. Love this! I'd never looked at her style before and it is totally me - even though I should probably be wearing middle aged matronly blouses at my age....

  2. Great post Niamh, am really enjoying your blog, all the best, Nora.


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