Monday, 3 November 2014

Current obsession: Stoves

I'm totally nesting for the winter: freezing bulk food, organising my cupboards, new cushions for the sofas and a new duvet for the bed (microfibre, all the fluff and warmth of down without the allergies/dead animal parts) and a bargain bespoke headboard.

One addition I've always wanted to make is to get a wood burning stove. I want to sit in front of this on cold winter nights, reading or crocheting, while a kettle set atop keeps my hot chocolate/tea at the perfect drinking temperature. I want to come downstairs on frosty mornings and find it still warm and comforting as I make breakfast. I want to sit reading to my kids snuggled up in front of it as the rain or snow drifts down outside. I want one less bill on my doormat, and to feel more self-sufficient, off-grid and independent from corporate rates and VAT add-ons.

I've fallen in love with some cream cast iron ones

But I also love red:

 I intend to cook on it:

This will be a novelty, a fuel-efficient way of preparing the odd snack or meal, keeping warm a soup, or sizzling a few supper sausages. Yes, in my dining room, which has no table, just a sofa.

So I'm reading discussion threads on Kw output, multi fuel vs wood vs pellet stoves. Also modifying the existing fireplace and  whether or not to go for a boiler while we're at it. It will come down to cost eventually, but for now I'm dreaming of sawing up free pallets or foraging for dead wood in forests, saving loads on our gas heating bill, and adding a real dimension of cosiness to our house.

At the moment we have an electric fire which we turn on to give the cosy effect, it's not the same at all.

Anyone got pointers for us? Thanks in advance.
Nee x

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  1. We have one and it is the best addition to our kitchen! Love it.


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