Monday, 24 November 2014

Slow cooker love / pancakes

I'm having a long tough day at the end of a long tough week. (No offence to the friends I saw in the last week, you guys were the highlights, trust me!)
But tonights dinner from the slow cooker has lifted my spirits no end. It took 10 minutes to "make", cooked all day and is nourishing me and my little ones this evening. My 6 year old is on his second bowl and talking about his third. And my 3 year old has forgotten he exists on fruit and eggs alone and is eating a big bowl of it too.
So here is the recipe / method for my slow cooker red lentil curry.

At 11am I peeled a bag of carrots, chopped in 3cm chunks, chopped 2 large onions in quarters, and put in the slow cooker with olive oil to roast on High. (5 mins work)

At 4pm I ladled them into my blender, filled with filtered water about 2/3 the height of the veg and blitzed for a minute. (2 mins work)

(I then portioned off 2/3 of the veg puree for future soups/stews/curries. I will probably freeze this. 30 seconds work)

I put the remaining roast carrot and onion puree back into the slow cooker, added a big tablespoon of tomato puree, curry powder, cinnamon, salt, pepper, ginger powder and red lentils, oh and a little maple syrup (1tsp, always add a sweetener when using tomatoes i.e. honey/sugar). I also chopped in a roast potato from last night's dinner. I think I added a bit more water as the lentils absorb a lot. Yes, I did. (2.5 mins work) Gave it a stir and cooked on high for another couple of hours, stirring once. Dinner done. I kept it on Low as I cooked the rice. I had meant to throw in some frozen peas about 1/2 hour before eating but I forgot.

Basmati rice in a pot on the cooker takes 1 min to throw together with 1.5 times the water to rice ratio, bring to boil and boil for 5 mins then take off heat for about 15 mins.

I asked for a quote about the dinner:
3 year old "I love it"
6 year old "It's great"

I am totally loving the slow cooker. Some dinners I've cooked taste meh, and I've had little luck cooking potatoes from raw, but for curries and soups it's perfect. I also did a whole butternut squash in it one day, no washing/peeling, just bunged it in whole for the day and gutted it that night for dinner. It uses the same amount of energy as a lightbulb, so great if you're watching the bills, and I so love that you aren't standing at a stove at all.

I did stand at the stove for pancakes this lunchtime, so I'll share the recipe here too. Well worth the half hour pouring, flipping and eating.

Butternut squash pancakes (using pre-cooked bns, or carrot/ mashed banana/cooked apple etc, whatever the kids haven't finished and is languishing in the fridge is usually what I use)

2 large eggs (you can never have too many eggs in pancakes)
1 mug self-raising flour
1 mug milk (dairy or not, whatever. Yogurt/kefir and water would suffice too, or just water if you're stuck)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 a butternut squash (approx 1 mug)

Blitz the above in the blender. Fry in real butter on med-high heat. Eat with maple syrup or Nutella. Cook ALL the batter, you can reheat the cold ones hanging over the toaster, or on the pan later. Seriously good. Carrot ones are like carrot cake.

Sorry for the lack of photos, the midwinter light and my lack of effort are to blame.
Hope you're all well this winter
Nee x


  1. Good article, it's very worth to read.

  2. Nice recipe, great for kids and for all those who love pancakes!

  3. I love to cook,too, I always cook for my family, and I sometime use smoker to cook outdoor

  4. It's not so good. But easy to cook. Thanks!

  5. I'm sure my kids will love the pancakes. I'll try the recipe next weekend.

  6. Hi,
    I like pancakes but I don't like to stay to long in the kitchen. I must try this recipe.

  7. Great recipe, thanks for sharing with us!

  8. thanks for posting the recipe,will try this over the weekend. nice post

  9. You really cant beat the taste and texture of food thats been slow cooked.....Making me hungry thinking about it.

  10. I should try your recipe for my kids. I bet they will love those pancakes, too. Thanks for sharing


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