Friday, 5 December 2014

Beetroot and bean burgers

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I adore burgers. I love the ease of a whole meal in your hand: protein, fats, carbs. I love their infinite varieties, the choosing of the buns, the sauces, with or without cheese... obviously I'm talking veggie burgers here. I've yet to find a supermarket veggie burger I like, they're all either too oily/dry/msg-laden. I've tried frozen, chilled and DIY burger mixes. I love homemade ones but the labour intensity always put me off, so I'd only make them a few times a year. I had a load of beets sitting around for the last 10 days, so googled some recipes last night and came up with a great beet burger recipe. I've made chickpea/lentil/bean burgers before, but had never considered using beets as a main ingredient. But the beet burgers turned out so well I thought I'd share the idea here. They have a great texture and  go a great blackened caramelised colour when cooked.

image c/o - the leftover beets may just end up in a cake, recipe here

So the other morning I peeled about 7 medium beets and left them in the slow cooker to roast. No oil, nothing, just dry. They steamed in their own juices and there was a centimetre of beet juice at the bottom which will be used somewhere, somehow. That evening I threw 4 of the beets into the food processor (where have you been all my life?!), added an onion, dried herbs, salt and pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, a tin of rinsed baked (cannellini) beans and enough frozen breadcrumbs to absorb the moisture, maybe a mugful or a bit more. Fried in butter in the absence of oil, served with melting mature cheddar, pickles, ketchup and mayo on burger buns. Even the kids ate them! This made enough for about 8 burgers, so I froze the leftovers in patty shapes for easy future meals.

I'll be honest, they could have done with some paprika/chilli/spices but I didn't want to add anything my kids would reject, plus I was so damn hungry I forgot until I was frying them. From processing to frying you could be eating the first few in 15 mins. Now I have a processor I won't be put off making these any more, they are really quick and easy.

Obviously any beans/pulses would work instead of cannelloni, this was just what I had to hand. I'd maybe add cumin and a little mango chutney to the mix next time, or smoked paprika. Make sure to fry the burgers until good and crispy, and when blending leave some texture, nobody wants baby food.

These are definitely veggie, omit the cheese for vegan, swap breadcrumbs for coconut flour or ground almonds for gluten free. Serve between oven baked portobello mushrooms instead of bread. Beets are great, I get gorgeous fresh ones for really good value in a local Polish supermarket.

How do you eat yours?

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  1. Great idea, I love beetroot but hadn't thought about making them this way! Thank you for sharing!


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