Saturday, 3 January 2015

Why I hate Pinterest

Ok, this is a tongue in cheek post, so bear that in mind,  but it comes with a whole lot of feeling behind it.

Facebook has kept me sane the last few weeks, being sick and stuck at home. It has been an essential lifeline to the outside world. Ok.

But there are things I wish I'd never read or seen on Facebook and here's one of them.

A craft. A beautiful craft to pin to your Pinterest board. Of ideas for you to do to make your kids lives that little bit sweeter. Forget crafting for kids themselves, where they make their own items, that's too passee, now mamas need to make the crafts themselves so they can show them off on Facebook.

My issue is not with the actual craft itself,  I think its cute and a nice homely activity. My issue is with the comment the sharer made:

"What a cool idea from And Next Comes L! I need to make some of these to slip in my purse and keep as part of a busy bag for my preschooler"

Ok. Three issues with this, firstly "I need to make some of these" Do you love, do you? Is there nothing else you need first, like to brush your teeth, to take a shower, drink a glass of wine uninterrupted? Cuz fair play to you if your essential needs are taken care of and you get to fanny around with clothespegs and velcro, if I have spare minutes I eat or wash.

"Slip in my purse" oh I can see it now, a perfectly curated mommy purse, with laminated side pouches for carrying wet clothing separate to food. Where each compartment holds its essentials, and you never find a lump of blue cheddar from last months picnic.

"A busy bag for my preschooler" 'scuse me love? Wtf is a "busy bag" when it's at home? I'm not even going to google that cuz I don't wanna know. If your preschooler isn't content with sugar and ketchup sachets or a stick like mine is, why not just throw a pen and a piece of paper in your bag?

Is anyone actually going to sit down for an evening and make this shit? Don't get me wrong, just last spring I spent hours sewing a toy for my toddler out of old socks, but that was not a usual occurrence. 

It's the perfect-crafting-prepared-well-groomed-organised mummy showing off. And we stinkin-run-ragged-"feel like we're just scraping by most days" moms feel like "Wtf lady, haven't you got anything else to do?" By all means get your kid to make the toy itself, or colour it in, or cut it out. But to fabricate the whole damn thing just so your child can put on and take off the bits just seems so time consumingly ludicrous.

Maybe she has a nanny who does all the childrearing so she can craft these pinterest worthy creations. Maybe she has no intention of doing it at all. I'm guessing her busy bag is full of organic raisins, mini sticker books and flashcards. I'm guessing her kid is dressed in mini adult clothes and not allowed play in the mud. I'm guessing her bikini line is perfectly waxed every six weeks and her lunch is a salad.

I'm just jealous really.

Happy belated holidays and New Year peeps!
Nee x


  1. ...and she's back! Happy New Year and so true! Where do all these crafted bits go anyway when the kid loses interest in them...mine would play with them for a day or two and then I wpuld become sick of finding them all over the place and so in the bin they would go!

    1. Happy belated New Year to you too Etta! Yes, they would end up all over my house, car and handbags, I'm sure we'd get 5 minutes actually using the full set before they were scattered to the 4 winds! x

  2. So funny and too true, you just crack me up! Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Anon, glad to hear my frustration brings joy to others! ;) Nee x

  3. Hi how do I get notifications of your post them

    1. Hi Anon, you can sign up to follow me on or "like" my Facebook page "The Mama's Hip" where I post links to every new blog post. I'm delighted to have a new reader, thanks!
      N x


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