Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Grapefruit and passion fruit curd

We got lovely pink grapefruits in our organic fruit and veg box last week. I'm not usually a citrus fruit lover but these were just stunning; smelled and tasted so perfumed... I'm craving grapefruits since then. I bought a net of non organic pink grapefruits in a supermarket on special offer the other day and they are too sour to eat. So them plus the three egg yolks waiting in my fridge (toddler only likes the whites) got me googling recipes, and I found this one here . It only uses egg yolks, and took approx 20 mins start to finish, no bain marie needed. Perfect for a tired mama. It has sugar, yes, so i technically shouldn't be eating it but I'm so damned done with healthy eating I wanted a treat. I didn't want to use the zest of these cheapo grapefruits as just peeling them leaves your hands coated in white waxy residue and I can't be arsed washing them. So I used one and a half passion fruits left over from my organic box. I'd been at a loss as to how to use them, not liking the crunchy big seeds inside, so this was perfect.

Apologies in advance for the not-Pinterest-worthy photos, it's dark and I'm not going to go styling my food as I'm tired. Count yizzerselves lucky you're getting this blog post at all!

The finished product above. Strained to remove the crazy big seeds. 

As I changed some parts of the recipe I'll write mine below. Type As please click on the link to the real one above.

Whisk 3 large egg yolks in a saucepan with 1/2 cup of caster sugar (I whizzed up granulated sugar in a bullet type thing for a few seconds) until blended. Add 75ml freshly squeezed (using brute force with a fork) grapefruits, I squeezed 2 fruits and drank the excess. Add innards of a couple of passion fruits. Add 60g butter, I guesstimated this. Put on a medium high heat (I used no 4 out of 6) and keep stirring until it reaches bubbling stage. Immediately take off heat and strain through a metal sieve into a willing receptacle (not your mouth, yet, this is hot). I used a mug from the dishwasher. Figure it'll be eaten in a day or two so no need to worry unduly about storage. 

I the absence of a microwave (and won't be buying another one) I reheated some pancakes over the toaster on a low heat and still burnt the edges. I made these earlier with yogurt, water, eggs, banana, cinnamon, wheat and gram flour and fried in butter. 

I spread the curd still warm over the pancakes, added Greek yogurt and sprinkled with organic pomegranate for extra fanciness.

The kids tried some but soon passed them over to me and I was happy to oblige. I had no problem eating two and will probably have two more when I get a chance. 

The curd can happily be eaten with a spoon, with yogurt and fruit/granola, as a cake or bun topping or filling, stirred into icecream etc. I'll probably have it on toast. Make this, it's so easy!

Nee x

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