Saturday, 7 February 2015

Ring sling sling rings

When I began babywearing back in 2008 I used a pouch sling, then a stretchy wrap that I made myself from cotton jersey. These served me through two babies, lots of holidays, breastfeeding out and about and many hours of snuggles. My second got a buckle carrier which took him from age 1-3 years. But wow have things changed since then! Now there are Facebook groups for every sling brand and type, trading and selling groups, sling meets, babywearing consultants, sling libraries. .. and a dizzying array of slings themselves. I threw myself onto the bandwagon a few weeks ago and bought my first woven wrap, it was love at first sight when I saw the colours, even though it cost more than my wedding dress, shoes and jacket combined...

This week I was sent some beautiful sling rings* from They are aluminium, lightweight and have no welding join so are safe as 'ouses for your baby wearing. They have a range of colours and sizes, all safety tested and shipped promptly from the UK. I got a set of medium and large rings in the matte silver because I figured they will go with any fabric and I won't get sick of it!

The medium sling rings will work with my favourite scarves, converting them into a ring sling for front or hip carries for the toddler or new baby. I love the convenience of this, that you can be out and about wearing your scarf, and as soon as the toddler wants "up" you whip the rings out of your bag or off your wrist (they make cute bangles too!) and you have an instant sling. Jeez I could have done with this today, but of course I had forgotten everything and ended up carrying him while he played his Game Boy in my arms for a good half hour's walk in a forest. Not a nature lover yet. 

The large rings will enable me to do more varied carries with my new woven wrap, above, ain't she purdy?! This is quite thick cotton and nearly 5m long, so needs bigger rings to take all that fabric. I will probably have the wrap made into a series of cushion covers/skirts/bags once it's served its purpose, gotta make it earn its keep. 


I am going to spend the next few months watching YouTube videos and practicing my wrapping skills, so I'm prepared before the birth. I can also see myself using a woven wrap and sling rings to wrap my belly in the last weeks if I feel I need more support, as the gorgeous image above shows. 

I love that even though this is my third baby I'm still learning new stuff! Are you a fan of ring slings? Have you used rings to create your own slings? Any tips please leave them below for us all!
Nee x

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  1. Oooh exciting! Just imagine...a newborn held snug and tight against you...oh my ovaries!! You need to meet my friend, also currently pregnant and adding to her stash. She knows every 'wrap' and it's like an addiction for her! I have tried a few but have stuck with my ring sling since 2006 and 4 babies later I still love it.


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