Thursday, 12 March 2015

PotterFest 2015!

We're so excited for this weekend, PotterFest in the National University of Ireland, Galway! We only heard about it last year AFTER it had happened, and we are delighted to be able to make it this year. For anyone not sure what I'm babbling about it's a Harry Potter convention, run by the students of PotterSoc in the University, see the official website here.

It runs from Friday 13 - Sunday 15 March, which just happens to coincide with my birthday and Mother's Day, so what a perfect way to celebrate. The timetable is here. I'm especially looking forward to the Tea Party with Mrs. Weasley, the kids are all excited to attend classes as students of Hogwarts, and we are all dying to see some Quidditch practice! Friday starts with a Sorting Ceremony, I love that idea! There are lots of talks, wizards get to duel with each other, quizzes to test your knowledge, cartoons and video games and a parents chill out area for when it all gets too much! Sunday is the Family Fun Day too with a bouncy castle and face painters as well as some specific events for Mothers Day.

We're going in costume, rooting out stuff like the Time Turner and owls that Santa brought, as well as our Gryffindor scarves and glasses. Being unmistakeably pregnant I'm going as Tonks, and kinda wishing my hair was still pink, but I think I've a wig somewhere.  My husband is dressing up as Fenrir Greyback, and the kids both want to be Harry.

Are you big HP fans in your house? Hope to see you there!
Nee x

In return for this article the mudbloods at PotterSoc gave us a complimentary family day pass.

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