Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Signs you're in mid-pregnancy

You find yourself awake in the early hours of the morning, wondering what woke you, then realise there's a human kicking you from the inside. Weird.

You open doors and the door grazes your belly. Every time. Need to stand back and reach farther,  mama.

Sitting down and leaning forward necessitates spreading of the legs to accommodate the belly.

Dropped crumbs while eating will land on belly, not the floor.

What fits you comfortably one day won't button up a few days later. Get used to it.

Your dreams will now involve murders, disposing of bodies and abductions. Nightly reminders that big changes are ahead.

You may forget you're pregnant for a little while, then when a thought occurs like "I'd murder a pint" you're back to reality with a bang.

You're appreciating still being able to tie shoelaces yourself.

Seeing newborns and pregnant women fills you with love and anticipation, not envy and longing.

Smelling an open can of tuna does nothing to you now. Nausea is well gone.

You've picked a name but not arranged the baby clothes just yet.

You're reading and preparing for labour mentally but only half-assed, it still seems yonks away.

You still have some semblance of care towards your outfits. The days of "Fuck it, this is all that fits" are a while away.

Pregnancy niggles are minimal, full use of body is still being enjoyed.

You are straddling a mental line between normality and the "underworld", the fuzzy hormonal baby nurturing phase that lasts from late pregnancy to about a year post partum (for me anyway). You are both excited and nervous about how close it is. Knowing that when you come out the other side your normality will be different to this normality forever.

Driving is still possible, though deep reveries/daydreams will cause minor bumps to the kerbs. Forget parallel parking, spatial reasoning is well gone.

You can still converse on topics other than your baby.

Any others please leave a comment below!
Nee x


  1. Makes me so broody reading this!!! Not sure I could handle a fifth though!! Niamh McKinney

  2. Brilliant, I thought of one which always got mw from mid to late pregnancy. The wing mirrors!!!!!! You park between two cars, its worse if you have reversed in against a wall. You get out of the drivers side and find you are trapped, wall to the rear, car either side and the dreaded wing mirrors in front. Three options, depending on the stage of pregnancy. Early to middle, you can try and squeeze through sideways, middle onwards, I have squatted under, late pregnancy, try to pull the mirrors of the two cars inwards and squeeze.


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