Monday, 24 August 2015

Breaking a habit


I  just wanted to share this revelation with you all, how I broke a habit I hated, with very little problems at all. Last week a friend visited and we were chatting about a plan I have for next year. I mentioned a belief I hold that has held me back in the past, and how I'd like to change that to a more positive belief. I mentioned that this is something I will probably have to work on to avoid making the same mistakes again next year. She blew my mind by telling me "No you don't have a lot of work to do, you've decided now you're not going to hold this belief any longer, so it's gone". I was skeptical, but impressed at this simplistic way of dealing with it.
I normally tend to overthink and analyse things to the point of exhaustion. I rarely make any moves without a lot of thought and preparation, and this has always worked out for me. I journal when I need to explore some thoughts, or I go see a counsellor or vent to a loved one for feedback. I take "Know thyself" to the nth degree.
But here was a new way of approaching a problem. Just say "It's gone, it's over now, I've changed my mind about that". Could this work?
I already feel different about next year's plan, feel empowered that I will be approaching it in a different light. I feel resolved to hold onto this new belief, and not slip back into old ways.

Then I found myself making tea the next morning. I'd started drinking it with sugar during my last pregnancy, telling myself this was a phase, but it had become a habit that I wasn't happy with. I drink about 3 hot drinks a day and was adding a spoon of sugar to each one, this really adds up over the weeks and months. I am making good choices when it comes to my meals and snacks, but the sugar-in-drink situation was annoying me, and I was blaming it for the fact that I've put on weight since the birth, not lost any. So that morning I decided to employ the same philosophy, telling myself I don't take sugar any more. And that was that. A week ago I stopped taking sugar in all my hot drinks, even the decaf coffee that I make in a cafetiere, which was only a vehicle for sugar in the first place. I've never in my life drank coffee without sugar, but now I do. And yesterday, after 6 days of doing this I started to like it. And today I really noticed the flavours of the coffee, the smokiness and the throat-catching musk of it, which I had never appreciated before.

So there you go. It may not be a new concept for you, but it is for me, and I'm going to use it in future, not for every situation I need to change, because some of course need more reflection. But for the quick fixes which I know I need to shift, and know where I need to be, I will just tell myself it's done, and hopefully it will be. What's this technique called? Has it got a name? Have I been missing a trick all my life?!

Please let me know if you do this already, or if you try it and it works, I'd love to hear about it. It's so freeing for us over-thinkers.

Nee x


  1. I had a similar thought over the summer. It was in relation to going out for a run. It was morning which is my ideal time for a run but I was indulging in some lazy thoughts and I suppose trying to talk myself out of going. So I told myself to stop THINKING about it and just DO it. You're right. It's a revelation.

    1. Good on you running regularly, I'm not there yet, but it's a goal of mine. I bet it feels amazing. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment xx


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