Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Self-care for moms: Everyday makeup

The 5 products I use every morning

My entire makeup collection, about 1/8 of what I had a few months ago

Welcome to a new series on The Mama's Hip, reminding us all to mind ourselves with the same care we extend to our families. I know I'm not the first mom to neglect my physical and mental needs while doing all the millions of tiny everyday tasks around the house and attending to my children's needs. I'm homeschooling my 7 and 4 year olds, and have a new baby, so I'm putting strategies in place to simplify my life and make everything run smoother. The other series on my blog "Sparking Joy" is related to this too: getting my house in order so we have a stress-free environment that is easier to manage everyday. I've put some time recently into reading up on areas I feel I need help reconnecting with, and I thought you might like to come along for the ride.

Makeup might seem a really superficial place to start when there are stressed out moms with bigger problems, and I'm not trivialising the bigger problems by choosing this as a place to start. The reality is most of us wear makeup to work or in our everyday lives, or wish we had time to devote to it. Some lucky ladies don't need it at all and I'm jealous as hell of them. With my pale colouring I look drained and anaemic without a bit of definition around my eyes and mouth at least. I think the reality is most of us feel better and a little more able to take on the world when we've played up our assets, made ourselves look less tired and a few years younger. And I firmly believe (if you want to wear makeup) you should have a 2 minute daily routine that gives you a polished look so you can do it and forget about it. This will in turn give you more time for the important things in your day. Why save makeup for special occasions? Every day should be a special occasion. If nothing else you'll smile more easily for your selfies with your kids!

I used to hang around the house in grotty clothes with no makeup or hair done, only doing it all when we needed to go out. But this added 15 minutes to an already frantic "house-leaving" saga where I was cajoling one kid to wear a jacket, helping another one to tie his laces, finding my wallet etc. Now my wallet is in my bag beside my keys (thanks to decluttering) and I look presentable all day because I get dressed and groomed every morning. Leaving the house is only about putting on jackets and shoes now. It's a small change but a huge one. Maybe it's because I'm home schooling that I didn't have this wake up call sooner, because days can go by that we don't need to leave the house. If I'd a school run I'm sure I'd have sorted this years ago.

Enough waffling. Here's a video I made showing the 5 products I currently use for my 2 minute everyday look. And the second half of the video shows my pared down makeup collection for the times when I feel like playing with my look a bit more.
Hope you enjoy!
Nee x

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