Saturday, 19 September 2015

Shout out


A little (overdue) shout out to my right hand man, who in the last month has:

  • Had a new baby
  • Started a new job two days after the birth:  six full days a week plus extra hours preparing at home every evening.
  • Kept our other two kids fed, dressed, entertained and dealt with their tantrums and mood swings.
  • Kept the house clean
  • Done the laundry
  • Made all the breakfasts and most of the dinners
  • Kept me supplied with cups of tea
  • Travelled across the country after work one evening to bag us the car of our dreams
  • Kept on top of all the bills/insurance renewals
  • Made me feel like "me" and not just a lactating mother
  • Dried my tears and listened to my complaints
  • Made me laugh and kept me sane

In short, been the epitome of the perfect husband.
He'll kill me for posting this, and most of the above is stuff he's always done. But he has literally kept it all going while I've been lying in bed breastfeeding.  And everyone's praising my efforts, but nobody's praising him. So I just did.
Thank you xxx

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