Friday, 18 September 2015

Signs you're in late pregnancy

  • Shaving your legs should warrant a medal
  • Husband's wardrobe is fair game
  • Bed by 8pm is totally acceptable
  • As are 90 minute afternoon naps
  • There's no forgetting you're pregnant, not for a second
  • You tuck heartburn remedies into your bra because even one minute searching isn't worth it
  • You don't feel safe driving anymore, baby brain makes you a liability
  • You aren't making plans past today
  • You can't believe you're ONLY ... weeks pregnant, it feels like a year already
  • You're cleaning constantly
  • You think "next time I do this I could have a baby with me"
  • You're getting poignant about the last days as a family of ...
  • The baby clothes are all ready, first outfit is picked
  • Your fridge has never been so full
  • You're buying storecupboard staples like it's the apocalypse
  • You try to spell "apocalypse" three times before you get it right
  • You are wondering whether or not to paint your fingernails, decide not, there won't be time for upkeep.
  • Friends say "the next time I see you..."
  • You are aware your life is about to change hugely FOREVER
  • Dreams are getting weird again, waking tired from the epic adventures
  • Your other kids are acting weird
  • You are dying for a glass of wine and to actually feel the effects of it
  • You've planned the birth so much you feel like you've done it 20 times already
  • You are keeping on top of laundry for the first time ever
  • You have bought a new toilet brush and nail brushes are at every sink (!)
  • You're allowed do/say/eat anything, "because the pregnancy"
  • You slur your words and stutter when trying to explain things
  • You drop things cuz your grip is totally gone
  • You wonder will you drop the new baby if your grip has totally gone
  • You decide to stay in bed until your grip has returned
  • You are planning outfits to go with the new sling
  • You wonder how to tie the new sling

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