Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sparking joy: More clothes

At lunchtime I baked a pumpkin cake for tomorrow. It's gone now.

It's the weekend. While most of you may have been enjoying family walks in sunny parks,  barbecues, heck even hiking the hills, I have been busy sparking joy (sarcastic tone) in my children's wardrobe. 

I swear, I thought I did that last week. But a few loads of dry laundry had piled up which escaped the original sparking session and I had to go through them for keeping / discarding. I also decided to dump the 50 or so odd socks and just buy them white socks from now on. Forget ever matching up Lighting Mc Queens or Bart Simpsons again. I don't think my sons ever wore a matching pair of socks in their lives. I also spent a good hour sorting dirty laundry from clean. Joy.

You can tell Marie Kondo doesn't have kids. If she did she'd have given some insight on how to deal with 35 teddies that never get played with but are apparently essential. (Bagged for charity).

On a roll I put kids books from their piles on our bedroom floor into baskets for sorting tomorrow. I gathered up about 18 euro in loose change from trouser pockets and under furniture. I also realised all the crap I'd been hoarding i.e. vintage mirrors, porcelain horses (don't ask), random bibelots, none of them spark any joy so even though I'm not on to the category of home decor yet they're gone.

Marie Kondo also advocates just keeping enough of everything in your house and not stockpiling things. Well that's totally at odds with the US frugal mama blogs I've been reading, who advocate bulk buying infrequently to cut down on hassle and save money. One thing I have begun to stockpile is toilet paper. It's big and bulky to carry so not something I will pick up in the corner shop on a whim. Also it's way more expensive in the corner shop. So I have about 20 spare rolls. I admit they do shout "stress!" when I look at them, so I keep them out of sight. We don't do a big supermarket shop every week so for me it makes sense to have a couple of weeks worth handy. Sorry Konmari.

After slow cooking some dried chickpeas last week I bagged some for future meals and made the rest into burgers, fried lightly and froze for days like today.

My kitchen is a state and it's stressing me out. I loaded the dishwasher at 11.30pm last night when I wanted to be in bed, and we're in the same position tonight. I cooked three healthy meals today for us, porridge with bananas,  cinnamon and dried berries, then chickpea burgers (from the freezer, made last Wednesday) with pasta in tomato sauce, and then omelettes with olives and feta. But all three meals worth of dishes are piled high and I have to empty the bin before I can clean the dishes, and empty the dishwasher before I can load it... we definitely have too many plates, if we had less there'd be less to pile up... gonna spark a bit of joy there soon.

Konmari spends a day with her clients fixing their whole houses in one go. I'm working in increments around homeschooling and a newborn so I've given myself 7 weeks to get the whole house done. Not including the attic or garage, we'd need a skip for each of them. I'm already seeing the fruits of my paring down the objects that surround us. I can walk without tripping in our bedroom. I can see the carpet in the kids room. I have a book collection I'm proud of. I'm letting a vintage coat go which has been so much a part of my wardrobe for literally 20 years, but it is looking tatty and needs to be retired. I've also let a childhood memento go into the charity bag, something I once said I would be buried with,  gone.  I'm no longer holding on to the past nor fearful of the future (the two reasons Konmari says we heard things). I'm free!

Nee x

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