Thursday, 1 October 2015

Where can I feed you? (Breastfeeding week 2015)

I can feed you when you're tall 
I can feed you when you're small

I can feed you on a plane

I can feed you in a train
I can feed you in a car

I can feed you in a bar

I can feed you in the dark

I can feed you in a park

I can feed you when I'm with child
I can feed you in labour wild
I can feed you two by two
I can feed you on the loo
I can feed you through the night
I can feed you when it's bright
I can feed you in a crowd,
Anywhere, cuz it's allowed
In sickness or in best of health
I know and feel my milk's my wealth.

Happy breastfeeding week to all the fantastic families out there who support breastfeeding whether they do it themselves or not. I've never been happier than at this past period of my life, when my children's needs were simple and straightforward. My milk eased all their pains, helped all their worries, cured all their illnesses.  I breastfeed my children when they request it day and night. I breastfed through two pregnancies and two labours. I breastfeed two children at a time. I breastfeed through bugs, fevers, infections. I have breastfed in cars, trains, planes, boats. I have breastfed as a working mother and a stay at home mom. I breastfeed in public and private, wherever we are without asking anyones permission because my child's right to eat is protected by law. I have been breastfeeding non-stop since June 2008 and can hand-on-heart say it is my proudest achievement. Now my children are moving on in childhood and growing in independence every day I have beautiful photos like the ones above to look back on. 

Thank you to all of you who accept that breastfeeding my children until they wean themselves is the right decision for our family. Thank you for your smiles and positive words of encouragement when we're breastfeeding out and about, even if it challenges your beliefs a bit. Thank you for your honest questions about how it works and for listening while I try to explain it. Thank you for not judging us and knowing that our decisions don't judge yours in any way. Thank you for your love and support of our family.

Nee x


  1. Thank you for normalising extended breastfeeding for me. You were my inspiration to feed my second son until he was almost three years old and my little girl has just turned one and we are still going strong :)

    1. Wow Fleur, you've moved me to tears hearing that, thank you so much <3<3. That's all I ever wanted from this blog, just to let other moms know it's ok and that there's someone else out there doing it too. I'm delighted for your family, thank you for sharing. xxxxx

  2. What a lovely post Niamh, makes my heart swell looking at the pics and reading your words. Breastfed my own sweet boy for many years and agree when you say it's one of your proudest achievements - mine too, I've got lots of things wrong in life but feel this is one I got totally and completely right. BF is a wonderful thing. Enjoy your lovely family, Nora.

    1. Thank you Nora. It's a great achievement to breastfeed at all in the current climate in Ireland, though I do think social media and support groups are doing a lot to unite and empower breastfeeding moms. I also have doubts about other choices I've made in life, but I know for a fact this is one thing I've done right and it feels so good. Good on you, and thanks for the lovely comment, Nee x


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