Saturday, 28 November 2015

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate and carrot salad, not crazy - delicious!

The last few months I've been studying my nutrition/lifestyle course I've become more conscious than ever about what I'm eating and how everything is going to either help or hinder my health.  I'm blessed / cursed with a body chemistry that is pretty sensitive to my diet. It could be the breastfeeding hormones, I don't know, but as the years have passed I can't get away with eating junk for long before my immune system suffers. I've been researching the idea of a raw food diet and while I don't think I could commit to it in a large way, I'm trying to include more raw / lightly cooked vegetables into our diets. One obvious place to start especially where kids are concerned is with carrots. Sweet, brightly coloured, carrots can be eaten in stick form with hummus or home made bean dips, grated and eaten straight, added to pancakes or muffins, hidden in pizza and pasta sauces... they are so versatile. Today I tossed grated carrots with grated dark chocolate and got the above delicious combination, juicy and sweet. This is being eaten as a snack today, but would also be a lovely starter.

Dark chocolate has been a craving of mine the last couple of months. I've had a little milk chocolate too but I don't enjoy it half as much now I'm used to the really good stuff! I make the above hot chocolate drink for us all once a day when the weather's cold. It's really simple and gives you enough of a sugar fix that the kids aren't asking for any other sweet stuff. Add a couple of spoonfuls of grated dark chocolate to a cup, add a splash of boiling water and mix to a paste (if you don't the chocolate will stay in little lumps), top up with hot water and a little milk, or all milk if you want it creamier. I've been buying raw cow's milk and my kids love it.

I bought the above chocolate in TK Maxx for 5.99e, and as it was running out I realised I could refill it with the below budget supermarket chocolate, still just as tasty. I used the food processor to grate it.

I was never into dark chocolate in a big way before, instead I'd crave sour fizzy jellies or chewy bars (yes, I hadn't progressed from my 9 year old tastes!) but now I'm craving dark chocolate above all else. Lindt is fab, especially the orange one, but I'll eat anything really. Dark chocolate has a lot of health benefits (like a glass of red wine, fine in moderation obviously but not 3 times a day!) Some of the benefits are: antioxidant rich, good for blood sugar levels and arteries, see more here. If you were going to have any sweet treat dark chocolate is one of the healthiest, so go ahead and enjoy it!

Have a lovely weekend!

Nee x

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