Thursday, 26 November 2015

Preparing for my home birth

I was so busy before the birth I forgot to publish this post, but better late than never, eh?!

I'm hanging around for the next while, waiting for this baby to arrive, so I thought I'd share some of the practical and not so practical preparations going on here.

My midwife alerted me to the great website and I've shared it with interested friends and family who would like to support us in practical ways after the birth. Basically it's an online schedule where people can input details of what meal they will bring you and when. It also allows you to state meal preferences. I've added lots of non-cook options like fruit, salads, bread and cheese etc, so hopefully nobody will feel too much pressure.

I've emptied the freezer and restocked it with some staples which will give us quick healthy meals. I'm also going to pre-prepare some basics like peeled and chopped veg, grated cheese, cooked rice etc so we can throw meals together even quicker.

Not sorted yet but I hope to get a cleaner once a week for a couple of months after the baby is born. My husband will be in full time work so the clutter and dishes will be mounting daily and someone to keep the bathrooms and kitchen nice would be great. I can live with the rest.

Well, me mainly. I'll have a newborn, a 4 year old and a 7 year old. The 7 year old is happy to go to friend's houses for a change of scene but the 4 year old needs constant watching. I'm arranging with relations to visit and a local teenager to babysit a few hours per week so I can spend as much time resting and babygazing as possible.

I'm a heavy sleeper and can nap anytime, anywhere,  so I'm not worried about that. We have bought a proper bed for the spare room so my husband can get a good night's sleep as he'll be in work most days.

We're not sure yet if our car will take three child seats, will know soon enough.  If we have to upgrade to a bigger car then bang go the holiday plans!

We're decluttering and cleaning the upstairs, as there will be midwives and birthing and more time spent there in the daytime. Lots of bags going to charity and we're paring down our mountains of clothes, it'll mean less laundry too.
Apart from that I've bought a few supplies but I don't intend on waterproofing the whole birthing room as suggested! I hope to throw down a couple of absorbent pads and have a fuss-free birth like my second one. Most of the labouring was done in the bath, so I'll do that again. Actually must buy some coffee for my midwife, that's one thing I don't want to forget. I've some new art supplies for the boys in case they wake/get bored with movies,  and a family member on call in case they need more attention than we can give during the labour.
I've had my first ever mother blessing, and set up the birthing room with my essentials, like oil burner, candles, images, written affirmations etc to inspire me during the harder moments of labour. The mother blessing is something I'd recommend for everyone preparing for birth, it was a really affirming experience and I feel like I'm not heading into this labour alone, that I have enough support to get me through it.

Mental preparation:
This pregnancy has been my most difficult by far, physically and emotionally. I've been journalling, had some specific therapies, doing lots of reading like Gaskin's Spiritual Midwifery,  Orgasmic Birth, Motha's The Gentle Birth Method plus Birthing from Within. I feel I'm mentally ready to birth this baby now.

Physical preparation:
For the first time ever I've been attending prenatal yoga classes, which I find really great. I started them at about 30 weeks. I used to teach dance during my previous pregnancies so was keeping fit and flexible,  but I hadn't done anything since my last baby was born. I really loved going to yoga last summer, so prenatal yoga was the obvious step. As much as the physical movement and stretching does me good, it has taught me new relaxation techniques and given me a few more tools for the birth.
I'm still taking my vitamins and iron, drinking lots of water, cut down caffeine and sugar blah blah boring. I don't think I've put on too much excess weight which is good as I want to be fit and get around easily with the new baby. Actually I must weigh myself, just to see, as my previous pregnancies saw me put on 3.5 stone each time.

I'm using vitamin E oil on my skin and have gone totally natural/organic with the products I use for makeup. Dumped all my old makeup / nail varnishes and have just handful of products I use now. Big change there!

Baby stuff:
I bought a woven wrap sling which I can't wait to use, we have been given a baby car seat, buggy wheels for it, booster car seat for our eldest, bags and bags of clothes for baby and lots of lovely handknit cardigans and hats. Totally sorted thanks to the kindness of family and friends.

Nothing else, just waiting around. There are some nice things coming up in the coming weeks, so I'm happy enough to be participating in them or alternatively giving birth and babymooning! We found out the gender and picked a name months ago, so this baby already feels like a part of our family.

Nee x

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  1. It's nice to read about your preparations. In The Netherlands homebirth is fully supported and we have something called 'kraamzorg' over here. This is a specialised nurse; she helps the mother (and midwive) during the delivery and first week after the birth. She gives breastfeeding advice (if needed), cleans, does the laundry, prepares meals, watches the other kids, etc. It's really great to be pampered like that. I delivered my babies at the hospital, but thanks to this system we were able to go home a few hours after birth.


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